name of dream:

think-read/getting connected 1


came across the phone number of an awake-time girlfriend of days gone by


thinking it might be possible to rekindle our relationship i rang the number


the girl who answered the phone called herself sugar


it turned out the girl i expected to talk had given her number to a dating agency, due no doubt to her popularity with the men, who were cashing in on her popularity


i asked the girl on the phone how it worked


she gave me the name of the company


it came up straight away when i typed it into the address bar


there then followed the most comprehensive set of choices of anything i have ever come across


every conceivable variation which accompanied a choice was given and every variation of the chosen choice had variations which themselves had further choices




time-tense: 1 or 2


qod 3.2


qos 3.8




vividness 3


stand-out moment: towards the end of the dream as the options of options kept on repeating


there are at least two different causes for a dream




self-stimulated (pde's)




life-stimulated (presented to the mind as information), as in the case of pre-cognitive dreams


this dream is 2


notes 1


as think-read dreams go this one was easy to read despite the never-ending run of options it was producing


notes 2


this dream has pointed to a way of bringing together Soul Partners


this dream has also presented a new format for a dating site