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the name of the dream

the sublime simplicity... the bounteous nature...

the scene of this dream... about ten concrete stairs, each stair about a third of a metre high and they are a little deeper than they are high

a round, light-silver coloured hand-rail is affixed into the ground at the bottom and top of the stairs and is situated in the middle of the stairs

the stairs are sunk into a ridge of grass at an angle of about fifteen degrees

i am at the bottom-left of the stairs and my girl is half-way up on the right of the handrail

i begin to move towards my girl and as the gap between us closes, first our eyes make contact, and at that moment of eye-contact our souls reach into each other and the physical presence our souls ignite

the mingling of our souls produces, yet again, that oldest and eternally-new feeling of plurality, of being able to remain fused for as long as we want

we can play tag on the stairs for as long as the physical structure of concrete and metal lasts

given the variations of speed, hand-contact, lip-contact...

on those stairs, we can play for years and years

oh, the bounteous nature of love/life

the superlatively simplistic joy of playfulness

the overwhelmingly attractive sensation of the eternal dictate

"you must be expansive"

notes 1

the third dream within in a month which contained the baulking sensation endlessness

this one though was the most pronounced and brought the writer out of his sleep

both the sense of an extended presence beyond the physical body, this sensation happened in awake-time, and the sense of freedom associated with the concept of endlessness has happened before but this is the first time they have happened together

the two sensations, being fused with another person, coupled with a sense of playfulness, made the concept of endlessness much easier to cope with, though i must say, in this dream, i still found the sense of endlessness mildly overwhelming and it was that feeling which woke me up


vividness 4.1 - participant - the category of the dream: sense of freedom (4) sense of playfulness (1) sense of endlessness (3)