name of dream: broken eggs


about to board a coach


the driver motioned the passengers to come aboard


i was first in the cue of three or four


the luggage compartment was at the back of the coach and to get to it we had to walk down the aisle of the bus


the driver was at the luggage area ready to take our bags and what have you


i had a wheelie


he took hold of the wheelie and threw it half a metre into the back of the compartment


it fell sideways and the three boxes of eggs that were on the top of the shopping fell out


the eggs were in boxes of six in those flimsy transparent egg-boxes and at least three of them broke as they fell out


because the egg containers were see-through it looked worse than it was and it caused two of the people behind me to make a moaning sound


i was miffed and pressed home the point while the mood was right... "thanks very much" i said sarcastically


the driver had goofed big style and he knew it


he whipped out his wallet and offered me a tenner


i said "it's alright. i was going to give you a fiver tip but i'll keep it and that will be about right"


the driver said "thanks, john"


don't know how he knew my name


the scene changed an now we were parked on the left-hand side of a road

out in the country


the bus had conked out and two or three of us were standing at the back of the coach


we were looking down the road we had just come down to a junction which was four hundred metres away


the road had just the two lanes and was surprisingly busy with one in three of the vehicles being heavy goods lorries


we tried to wave a vehicle to stop but because the road was just the two lanes, and was made to look small because of the size of the lorries, no one stopped; it would have been adding to the congestion and made the situation worse if not dangerous


someone suggested going to the junction for help or it might have been to wait for the emergency rescue vehicle and everyone looked at me


i wasn't mobile enough to walk four hundred metres alongside a road with no pedestrian path


besides, it was dangerous


we were thinking about what course of action to take when the dream ended




time-tense: can't make sense of the time-tense of this dream


why didn't we use a mobile phone ?


didn't the mobile phone came out before wheelies ?


quality of the dream 3.1 quality of the sleep 3.7




vividness: 3.4