second dream

the name of the dream

the looped train journey

an asian man spoke to me and then got on a train

what he said to me made me realise he knew something important and i had to talk to him again

to find him meant having to catch the train he got on after speaking to me

the route the train took was a rural loop with only one point of boarding and one of alighting

i didn't know the time of day he spoke to me initally so it meant staying on the train's circular route for the entire day

one part of the journey replayed three or four times during the dream

it was of the track going off into the distance, the motions of the train and the sounds the train made as it gathered speed along a seven mile stretch of straight track

at a guess the train was travelling at two hundred kmh during that part of the journey

never saw the man though

notes 1

the looped aspect of the dream may be an attempt by the dreamer to resolve an ongoing problem or dilemma


vividness: 3.5 - participant - the category of the dream: looped-sequence dream: train:(1)

first dream

the name of the dream

my first steady in a dream

the third dream with the same female

sitting on the end of a bed in a ward

i was leaning back on the bed supporting myself with my right elbow

the person whose bed i was lounging on was a friend or possibly a relative

i can't recall if it was a woman or a man

i hadn't spoken or done anything before one of the females working there came and joined us

i sat up and the person who i was visiting came and sat on the other side of the bed

the woman who had joined us put her arm around the person i was visiting and spoke encouragingly to her or him

in a natural manner my arm also went around the patient and now our three heads were more or less touching

the nurse/helper/care person changed her postion slightly which moved her body closer to mine

my response was to put my left arm around her shoulders so we could all talk quietly

as the words were being spoken they took on a rhytmn

the rhytmn caused the three of us to move slowly side to side along with the tempo in the rhytmn

then things started happening more quickly but it was still at a slow pace

the woman who had joined us pressed her breasts into me in a firm, and unmistakebly inviting way

both the person i was visiting and myself were still sitting

i was resting one of my legs on a bar of the frame at the end of the bed which meant my knee was jutting out

the nurse or carer rested her crotch on my knee and bearing in mind we are still moving side to side my instinct was to move my knee as purposefully as possible in synchronisation with her movement

doing that made the woman become more aroused and as she pressed more firmly into me i in turn placed my hand between her legs and even through her trousers could feel the softness of her genetalia

another woman who was visting someone else caught my eye and her offended look told me it was time to stop

the dream became externalised at this point and i could hear myself saying "we'll have to meet" up and "we'll arrange it"


the quality of the dream: 3.8


vividness 3.7 - participant - the category of the dream: kissing and arousal ()