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the name of the dream:

the sermon in the room


in the first scene there are three of us


i was explaining the mechanics and consequences of a persons decisions and actions


in the second scene there are four of us


the person who had joined us had a position of responsibility in the community or society


he was having difficulty in recognising how his decisions had more of an effect on himself than it did on others


someone had told him that there was a person who could explain it


he was sincere in his approach to wanting to know and it was felt that the right thing to do was to explain the main points to him in a deliberately slow way


i began... "everything we do becomes a part of reality..." the monologue would go on for more than a dozen sentences and there was still three or four main points to cover


after the second or third sentence i began coming out of the sleep and was listening to the sound of my own words


by the seventh or eighth sentence i was fully awake but continued


i wanted to know if i could say what it was i had to say in awake-time


by the twelfth sentence or so i realised there were other points to be explained but they would not be in chronological order and would have to backtrack which would confuse the issue


next time this situation arose i would begin "before there was time, before there was anything..."




the cause of the dream:formulating "the story of us" during the day