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first dream


the name of the dream

the burly busker


saw a biggish' girl walking along a street in the centre of town


she had a back-pack which looked liked it weighed a good twelve kilos and a guitar slung over her shoulder


her clothes were all-purpose and of the army-style; loose trousers and flak-jacket with boots


in the next scene, we were talking


one bit of conversation led to another and she mentioned that her portable p.a. wasn't quite loud enough


in the next scene, we were back at my place with me showing her an amp and speaker set-up which would meet her needs


the wire which connected the amp to the speaker looked like it had been cut into with a knife, it was a clean cut


when i man-handled the wire it broke in two


there was a sturdy screw-in connection about the same size as a house bulb which connected the wire of the amp or the guitar to the speaker


it didn't take long to get the wire ready to be soldered to the back of the two-point screw-in connection


she was helping with moving things around and when she positioned the speaker she felt its weight and her face told me it was a lot heavier than she expected


i mentioned that it weighed about twenty kilo's and it might be too heavy for carting around


she felt the weight of it and acknowledged it was too heavy for her


the conversation changed and the dream became an externalised dream


after i said two or three sentences i woke to the sound of my own voice, again




the stand-out part of the dream: screwing the bayonet-style connection into the speaker


have never come across an amp or a microphone which had a screw-in connection (probably past time-tense)


second dream


the name of the dream

introspective nymph


details withheld


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