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the name of the dream

the magical music ball


at the computer


the screen showed a music sheet with seven or eight notes along with it


below the line of music, there were three balls and each ball had about thirty facets


the facets were hexagon-shaped, alomost, but not quite, like the pattern on footballs


one of the balls was twice as big as the other two and it was this ball which caught the attention


four or five of the facets were a glossy black and the rest were shades of light-orange


when a new note was added to the line it sounded and at the same time the balls reacted to the note by changing the colour of one of the facets which affected, to a lesser degree, two or three of the surrounding facets


if the melody of the composition was enhanced when a new note was added the principal black facet of the biggest ball was affected and its a shade of shiny black took on a clearer, crispier shade of black


the other facets of the ball responded as well but much less perceptibly


the two other balls changed similarly


notes 1


i think the idea of the programme was to turn the black facets into other colours


the quality of music can be considered to be a purely subjective experience


however, the writer's experience with music and the commonly-shared response to certain melodies tells a different story... there is an objective beauty/appeal in music


notes 2


one of the distinctive characteristic's of mammal man-shaped beings, along with hair and breasts, is our feel for and love of music


music is our baby


may explain why this so another time


dinosaur man-shaped beings "baby" is colour




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the giant computer printer