name of dream: travelling man


was between countries and in the centre of a city and needed to buy something to eat


decided on a takeaway meal and ordered one from the biggest roadside van i've ever seen


there were three people working the stall


the person who took my order was a woman and we got into a friendly bit of chit-chat


the meal was nearly ready and it was time to pay


i dug into my pocket and brought out all the money in it and soon realised there wasn't enough to pay for what i'd ordered


not that it mattered i would have enough in my wallet


when i opened the wallet there was just one ten unit denomination note in it and that wasn't enough either


then i remembered i had four ten denomination notes stuck to a thick piece of paper in amongst my paper items


it took longer than i thought to find the folded sheet of paper and when it was unfolded the notes were stapled to the paper


i attempted to prise the staples open to free the notes but the notes started to rip


at this point, i began apologising to the woman


she remained amiable and unconcerned but i was starting to feel the pressure


i suggested paying by card but the smile on her face loosened which told me that wasn't an option


i asked if there a cash dispenser nearby


the woman's expression was changing by the moment


a slow, drawn-out shake of her head meant i had to come up with something else


business etiquette demanded a sales-person should be friendly whatever the circumstances, she was, however, becoming a different woman and was looking at me in a different way


i knew the look


she was beginning to suspect a con


i had a chequebook


i asked her half-heartedly, "will you take a cheque ?"


the dream ended there in fade-out fashion




qod 3.7


qos 3.4






nothing comes to mind


notes 1


this dream is not untypical of the writer's awake-life experiences


there are quite a lot of these types of incidents that could be related


perhaps an "odd-memoirs" page is something for the future


second dream


name of dream: compromising situation 2


in the bookies


a man in his late-twenties walked past me and said to another man standing within a metre or two of where i was "... be standing by the door"


within a second of dream-time, one of the two of them then said "...will have the shotgun"


there's no way i could not hear what they were saying


i was implicated


one of the men looked at me and said "we want you to stand there" as he looked to my left


i didn't know the man who owned the betting shop but struck me as friendly


the robber's wanted me present just in case the shop emptied a bit and me being there would make it look like a normal day and wouldn't ring any alarm bells in the head of the owner of the shop who was very much security-minded


the shop-owner would have reason to be even more security-minded than usual on the day of the robbery


the robbery was going to take place on what would be the biggest sporting day of the year and lots of people who wouldn't normally bet on anything would have a little flutter on one or other of the sporting events


i turned to one of the men planning the robbery and said "i won't grass you up but i won't be here"


they started threatening me


that was their mistake


the owner of the booking shop was more vigilant than i realised and read the situation


he suddenly appeared from behind the partition between the shop and office and was striding towards us holding something, it looked like a heavy metal bar, spitting and cursing obscenely as he was getting nearer


the owner of the premises was something else, the robbers knew it but i didn't


he was as tough and fearless as they come


he had long black hair and looked as solid as a statue


his walk had an unstoppable gait to it


the robbers knew the only way they would be able to stop him was with a gun


the robbers left the building before he got to them


in the next scene, all three of the would-be robbers were on the floor outside of the shop


it looked like they might be dead




qod 3.7


qos 3.4






nothing comes to mind


notes 1


the entries over the last two days are jumbled up a bit


one or two of them should be for the twenty-sixth although the record will now show no entry for the twenty-sixth


will have to leave them as they are because i can't remember what the actual order should be


the mix-up is because there was a dream on the twenty-fourth which was going to be an entry then changed my mind but didn't erase it from the other entry on that date and published it before i realised what i had done


the reason for bringing this up is because this second dream in this entry is related somehow to the one which wasn't published


the dream not published was named "compromising position"


it's similarity to this dream would be plain to see and was a lot more grave


i was told to do something and if i didn't a girl of about ten or twelve would be murdered


we have to keep in mind that dreams are not fantasy-events but memories of experiences, albeit as often as not, from different time-tenses and also to be remembered when evaluating dreams is that there is the difference between participant and observer


the dream being referred to may yet find itself as an entry


second sleep


name of dream: who's on my computer ?


looking at the computer screen


it was if a ghostly hand was operating it


could see various documents and folders momentarily highlighted as each was being accessed but no one was there


then i realised, the computer was being remotely-controlled


i had a good idea who it was




qod 3


qos 4






had been thinking about the company who had fooled me into letting them "fix" my computer


notes 1


gave permission to a company to remotely control my computer a couple of weeks back


the computer had become really slow, it was almost coming to a stop on occasions


it was taking four, five and more seconds merely for the renaming a document to take effect


a microsoft technician phoned me and told me they had been receiving signals from their system that my computer was infected


like a schmuck i believed them


i coughed up a hundred and gave them control of the computer for an hour while they fixed it


oh yeah, they fixed it alright


they fixed it so they could hack into my personal stuff


didn't twig it at first


the computer was running fast again


i was happy


in the process of doing, what they were doing they uninstalled a programme i had been trying to get for years and wanted to keep


when i realised it was missing the only way of getting it back was to do a system restore, which meant undoing whatever it was the "microsoft engineers" had done


i had been watching some of the proceedings while the company was remote-controlling and one of the things they did was to instal a free version of ccleaner


after i had done the system restore i bought the full package of ccleaner and, wonder of wonders, the computer was running fast again


it was then i put two and two together and reprimanded myself


notes 2


there was a couple of moments as i was waking when the screen and the movement on the screen were still playing out while i was awake


another step closer to awake dreams


second dream


name of dream: the trouble with youth


had just got in from a day's work


three lads of sixteen or seventeen were outside the front of the house


one of them was sitting on a cement block which was about thirty centimetres high, twenty wide and six or seven centimetres deep and was situated about a half of a metre into the garden (i think the small concrete post was a marker indicating the access place for the gas mains)


the other two lads were standing on the pavement


as i walked by them to get to the front door one said "weird shagger"


i woke as i was thinking how i should respond






qod 2.7


qos 4






nothing that is obvious


notes 1


the trouble with youth is testosterone


notes 2


there's a whole chapter of the book "the making of the man-shaped being in the cellular form" to be written which will tell of accounts of bravery, aggression, sacrifice not even guessed at


notes 3


there is another point for your attention


after this dream, and when fully awake, as i practised controlled-image forming, a person materialised in the image-to-be area and searched for me using a torch and when it was shining in my eyes he moved the shaft of light, which my gaze followed, to the area of the image i should concentrate my effort


it worked and happened three times


as crazy as it sounds the person with the torch might have been me giving myself a hand-up on how to master controlled-imaging


notes 4


to those of you new to this website... you know people, i'm only thirty years ahead of you


it's very easy to catch up


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