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the name of the dreams

pedestrian priority, the tree that fell and the drummer who didn't love music


we were a gang of five or six builders's/labourer's who had been charged with making a busy roundabout with five roads leading to it more accessible for pedestrians


at peak traffic-times, the pavements became choc-a-bloc with people who were waiting for a break in the traffic so they could cross the roads


it meant widening the pavements and putting pedestrian crossings with those black and white poles with a goldfish bowl shape and size flashing lights on top (whatever happened to them ?. they were eminently practical in that both pedestrians and drivers could see them from a distance.)


we were about to start modifications on the pavement which was most in need of being broadened when the theme of the dream changed...


two of us were in a big garden which had a large tree that was growing at the bottom of the garden next to an imposing solid wood fence that separated the house from the street beyond


the person who i was with was in charge and it was his job to figure out the best way to trim the tree of the branches which were hanging over the fence without disrupting traffic


he had the idea that it could best be done by pulling or pushing the tree so that it became tilted and make the lower branches easier to get to; i think he thought the tree would rest on the fence


the tree had other ideas


it must have had shallow roots because the wire that was slung around the trunk of the tree at about two-and-a-half metres from the ground toppled the tree completely on the first tug of the wire and the tree crashed into the fence shattering it into splinters


the tree narrowly missed a person walking along the pavement from left to right in the dream but in the next scene of the dream the problem was the traffic was blocked and cars were starting to form a queue on either side of the tree


the man who had the idea of tilting the tree stood there mortified


it was the end of his reputation and career


no one was hurt but that wasn't what had turned the man into a statue


the emergency services would have to be called


it would be an item on the news and it would be the source of ribbing for the rest of his life


how could an intelligent person make such a monumental blunder ?


i could already see the funny side of it and began laughing out loud and that set the tone for the next dream...


two of us had been practising on our guitars and had reached the time when we're ready to incorporate a drummer and become a group


we both recognised that a drummer could make or break the would-be-group and we were in agreement that we wouldn't compromise the quality of the group merely to begin performing


via the magic of dreams, or as luck would have it, about a week before there had been a dream (not published) in which a young man with long black hair had really impressed me with his ability to get me nodding and ready to dance with the beat he could generate with just his tom-tom's and the bass drum appeared in the dream


there were six or seven people in this scene, i turned to my partner-in-music and said "this is the person i was telling you about"


we were telling the drummer that we really rated him and would love to have him join us


the drummer decided to play hard to get and feigned disinterest


eventually, he became rude and began talking to one of his friends as i was talking to him


i began smiling a broad smile which let the drummer know he was throwing away a great opportunity and he would live to regret it


he knew he would probably regret it but was enjoying disappointing me


i was still smiling broadly when i woke


notes 1


people enjoy disappointing me




vividness 3.2/3.5 - participant for all but two of the scenes - the category of the dream: multi-themed dream (27 ?)