first dream


name of dream: lion-dog


a dog was the first scene of the dream


it was on the lawn outside of the front of the house (location 2)


the dog looked about one year old


it was well built especially around its chest, like a doberman but with shorter legs and a slightly longer body


it had short, thick, smokey-grey hair over all of its body except for around its neck


the crop of hair around its neck was mostly on the top of its body and anyone who saw the hair wouldn't have said it was a tuft of hair but a mane


i immediately thought it was an unusual breed of a lion and the thoughts and feelings associated with lions accompanied the first impression


its movements though were unmistakably dog and when the mind had time to take in the dog's movements it would go back to being relaxed


it was the initial first impression that everyone would have which gave it its uniqueness


it would draw looks, comments and interest wherever it went


and if anyone was slightly startled when they first saw the dog that feeling would be replaced within a second as she, yes it was a female, emanated her retiring disposition


smokey and me would be the latest buzz in the hood


second dream


name of dream: mom's treat


it was either mom's birthday or it was that i was flushed and wanted to give her treat


invited one of her sister's and a non-relative who i knew would be welcome to both mom and aunt and began mentally arranging the night out


first, we would have a drink at a pub near a picture-house and then we would go to the cinema and then more drinks with a nosh-up, did i mention i was flushed, afterwards


with about hour to go before we had to go into town i went to the house of the friend of mom's to bring her back to where mom and i lived


i waited while mom's friend got ready and it took five minutes to cross the green which separated the two estates to get back mom and i lived


as we turned the corner and our house came into view there was a medium-sized removal van which was loaded from the side and parked outside the house with household items, some of which i recognised


was surprised before i became suspicious and exclaimed: "ay up, what's happening here?"


i knew something wasn't right and whisked out the phone, called the police and explained the situation and they said to stay where we were until someone arrived


the police had arrived and were listening to me when the dream ended


third dream


name of dream: the changing tide


was walking from somewhere to somewhere and passed by a large group of people smiling and in a jubilant mood


they were outside a court that had just made a statement which was in favour of ordinary people


the judgement meant that people as a whole would be protected from arbitrary claims by companies who, let's speak plainly, were, as usual, feathering their own nest's at the expense of decent ordinary people


was handed a sheet of paper and was reading the relevant sentences and the dream then turned into a think-read dream


the important sentences were "the court believes the rules are imbalanced. we now believe they should be changed"






qod's 3.3 - 3.2 - 3.4


qos 3.4




vividness: 3.4


the stand-out part of all three dreams: the smiling faces outside the court


the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: thoughts during the day that change is occurring


category of dream: doggy dream 10 - mother dream 12 and externalised dream - happy-ending dream 30


cause/s of the dream:


notes 1


could tell from the sound of my voice as i said "ay up, what's happening here?" that it was externalised