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the name of the dream



this dream is a new variation of a Montage


the first 4 or 5 images, were of winds blowing over walls, fences etc.


the montage sequence stopped after the fifth scene and it became a regular-type dream (prolonged scenes)


then, after the regular-type of a dream, another four or five

montage-motion images occurred


swapping between, montages and regular-type dreams happened three or four times


in the last of the regular-type dream sequences, a girl said something and i said to her "me?" and she said "yes, mr talk-to-the-feds, me"


all in all, there were three or four montage-motion scenes with hurricane-strength winds showing things being blown into the air or along the ground or broken


notes 1


i knew this was going to happen years ago


because dreams start at the beginning of time and encompass all the experiences of all people throughout all Undulations, dreams and dreams theory is going to become bigger than any encyclopedia could be


it's not just the content of dreams which has to be evaluated but also the content of the dream has to be seen in the context of the type of the dream


i like a mentally challenging problem as much as the next bloke but there is no doubt, formulating dreams is going to tax the mind to the limit




vividness 4 - participant (regular-type dreams) and observer (montages) - the category of the dream: motion-montages alternating with regular-type dreams (1) hurricanes (1)