second dream


the name of the dream

fun, laughter and a hint of love in the jungle


the last scene in this multi-sequence dream...


in a jungle, probably africa, although it could be any jungle anywhere in the world


most likely it was the inter-undulationary memory matching the thoughts and sights and sounds into the pde's


we didn't have any weapons in the dream although there was the chance we could come up against a pack of orangutans and would need them


as the physically weakest of the group and the one considered to have the best judgement i was elected to set the pace and lead the way


the seven or eight of us had just emerged from thickish' brush


we were on the side of a hill that had a decline of about thirty degrees


i looked at my watch and it had just gone a quarter past nine (the face and the colours of the face of the watch was the stand-out part of this dream)


i declared "we'll make camp here" and then said to one of the group "you can get a fire going" (cooking the meals was my responsibility)


of course, being the least macho of a group in a situation where machoism was considered a virtue meant the others decided for themselves whether to take any notice of my commands


two or three of them didn't


they unloaded their backpacks and went to one part of the decline where a path had been worn into the side of the hill or mountain or whatever it was we were on the side of and used something to sit on, it may have been big and thick green lily-leaves, and slid down through the bush and into a river about forty metres below


i watched them thoroughly enjoying themselves as they slid down the embankment and their big teeth-smiles as the crashed into the cooling water


i thought or said out loud "i'm going to have a go at doing that"


it was then i noticed three of the locals twenty or thirty metres to the left of where the men who had slid down the bank


there was one or two a girls/women amongst them...


notes 1


the contrast between my strength in the first dream today and this one


this is the second dream where the face of a watch has been the stand-out part of the dream


first dream


the name of the dream

too confident


the sensations of lightness and unbounded strength accompanied all of the scenes of this dream


it felt as though i was untouchable


no person or situation could throw me off my stride


it wasn't so much as walking on air but more being one with the air


two males tried to penetrate my sense of invulnerability with physical challenges and they were dismissed without a thought with one quick punch


one male did get through, slightly


to give him more than one thought would have broken the magical spell of the sense of movement accompanying this dream which had about five scenes in it