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the names of the dream/s

first impression and survival of the species


first dream


started a business


have acquired the premises for a business but there is no office equipment, no desk, no business name, no chairs...


just a bare, carpeted-office space about the size three living-rooms


not even sure what the business is


there is a half-radius recess in one of the walls


become obsessed with putting one or a bunch of flowers in the recess and go off shopping for a vase and flower/s


in the last scene of this dream i was walking through an enclosed market looking among the stalls for that perfect combination of flower/s and vase


then, the first adventure dream for many a month began


the world was in the grip of the latest news


rising sea temperatures will cause a deadly gas trapped in rock thousands of metres underground to expand and seep through to the surface


the gas is so lethal just one or two breaths will be enough to bring about the demise of a person


there was then several short scenes


there was a consensus that there would be large underground caverns and finding ways of finding them was the best option for survival


in one scene, a chasm opens up which leads down to the bowels of the earth


a small party of five or so people are needed for the daunting task of descending into the chasm with the purpose of searching for underground caverns which would be suitable for habitation


at the bottom of the descent, an energetic river or lake of lava is visible and is clearly telling us death is waiting for anyone foolish enough to go near it


in one action scene, a daring plan of free-falling most the way down before opening parachutes and using the hot air updraughts to get far enough below the surface was suggested and was acted on


gliding down through the air was the stand-out part of the dream


someone, it may have been me, was narrating the probable scenarios which would be the consequences of the changes to the eco-system and the plans we could take to survive... "some could live by eating animals and vegetables whose natural habitat was underground" was one of the suggestions


"people would fare better in small groups, a dozen people would be optimum" was another


"three or four families comprised of three or four people" was yet another


there was a calm air of confidence that many would survive in the tone of the narration and it made people feel secure


the suggestions for averting the accompanying effects which would be caused by the gas went on for a while longer and were still forming in my head for a while after waking




vividness 3.1 to 3.6/7 - participant - category of the dream, adventure dream (4) natural disaster (1)