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the name of the dream



was using a spreadsheet to amend information in dreams diary


there were between one hundred and two hundred vertical columns visible in the spreadsheet in the dream


by expanding the information in a dreams spreadsheet, and this is probably true for any type of spreadsheet, accessing specifics became a doddle by simply inserting a column in between or before another column with the new reference or references


in the dream, it was locations and running


the spreadsheet had between twelve and twenty lateral columns of categories


between the date and the dream-time length of the dream, it became necessary to add a one-character reference to the columns of categories which gave the distance in kilometres


there was a feeling of accomplishment in the dream when the spreadsheet had been expanded and the new column made referencing a specific dream that much easier


notes 1


not sure how to make a spreadsheet available for a visitor wanting to sift through or find information in the dreams diary via a spreadsheet


this dream makes a dreams spreadsheet a compelling necessity for both you and me


it will materialise sooner or later

notes 2


this dream is the balancing of personal and shared information


during the day came across a tutorial which explained how to synchronise songs with different tempos


had been trying to find out how to do it for years


the discovery of the information, via a youtube tutorial, has given me enormous scope for mixing and composing tracks


this dream is love/life balancing personal and shared achievements




vividness 3.7 - partcipant/observerver ? - the category of the dream: informative () sharing ()