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the name of the dream

the art of pleasure


this dream is set in a future time-tense


dreams diary has reached the stage when visualisations accompany all the dreams


there is still some way to go before the accompanying visualisations are wholly accurate but a dreams diary in this time which doesn't give a fair visual representation of the dream just doesn't get viewed on the internet


my own outlook is simple... women lead the way in the experiencing of pleasure and men won't achieve an increase in their experience of sexual pleasure before learning how to generate greater feelings in the females


for the female, the act of conjoinment has the added pleasure of the accompanying sensations that only women know... the feeling of accomplishment of being able to produce more life in the concrete form


in this dream, i have a three or four bedroom set-up


it is my pleasure to instruct women on how to produce the greatest pleasure for a woman without conjoinment


my "set-up" is geared for introducing this approach into our lifestyle


very early one morning i can hear one of the lasses moaning in pleasure as she is practising on herself while watching the latest pleasure-dream video showing what a male should be doing to bring out the maximum feelings in her


it causes me to become aroused and i decide to make a video of myself masturbating without ejaculating to the sounds of a female masturbating


now read

the Art of Pleasure


notes 1


this dream was not an act of indulgence, it is a dream for this time because everyone has to be aware that a minimum level of pleasure is necessary to embark on straight line action (it is the case that none have insights into the totally overwhelming sensations that occur when the mind is exposed to endlessness. take my word for it people, it will cause you to baulk)


that the acclimatization to pleasure is being introduced at this time will give you an insight into just how great our feelings of pleasure will have to be in order to "buffer" or "cushion" ourselves to the exposure of endlessness


we have to begin imbuing ourselves with a feeling of pleasure now and it has to increase exponentially for the next

5000 million years !


acclimatising ourselves to permanently-increasing levels pleasure is something which has to be approached in a purposeful way


the dream marks the beginning of the process


notes 2


both sexes have, in the writer's experience of x, yet to learn how to produce large volumes of prolonged pleasure in the opposite sex without conjoinment


it has not yet been formulated but drawing from his own experience the writer suspects that oral sex is not one of the practices we need to incorporate into the art of pleasure


the sensations accompanying ejaculation expend "spiritual" energy and it has to be measured (it may be finite in its application throughout earthly evolution and even through to Transmutation)




vividness 3.4 - the category of the dream: timed-to-occur (100 ?) x dream (40 ?) - participant