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the name of the dreams

the vowel song


in a secure prison but there was a noticeable level of camaraderie


it was ablutions time and everyone was expected to be efficient with the time at the sink otherwise the last people in line wouldn't have enough time to do everything that had to do be done


i broke into a higgledy-piggledy vowel song...


a melagatawny, gronamotory, rigidiliry oh

and an elimedeery, tugidumumsy, abigromeasy hey


with a...


there were about five or six lines in that vein


the men didn't deride me or object but i could tell that some of them couldn't muster an upbeat feeling and pick up on the "vibe", most did though


there was another scene, where i was at a small and deep sink made of stainless steel


dipped my hand down into the sink and pulled out an assortment of eight or ten pieces of shiny stainless steel cutlery (the stand-out bit of the dream)


the cutlery was all the same design but some of the knives had a slightly longer blade than the others


was trying to think of what applications the knives with different lengths of the blade might have when the dream ended


notes 1


the happy mood accompanying the singing part of the dream was the result of doing my sums earlier on in the day


was aware that the singing was externalised for some of the lines of the song


it was also the first singing dream for quite a while




vividness 3.3-3.9 - participant - the category of the dream: prison () closed () singing () externalised ()