first dream


name of dream: diamonds


there were three of us, two men and a third person between the person i could see and myself who i couldn't see and we were standing in front of a woman


the woman was talking but for some reason, the words weren't reaching my brain


her voice was loud enough for us to hear but we couldn't hear what they were


every bit of our conscious state was fixed on what she was wearing


our brains had shut down the other senses so our eyes could totally focus on what it was we were seeing


this woman whether by design or not could hypnotise a person into just seeing


what had captivated us was the diamonds that were nestled into the net-weaving on the front of her cossack-style hat, her eight centimetre long earrings with three diamonds in each earring and a necklace with a mans hand-sized elongated v-shaped design around her neck


i've seen large expensive seen diamonds on the fingers of women that made you look at them longer than you did at other jewellery but these, they were in a different league


the unnoticeable movements of her head that must have been occurring as she was talking and standing was causing the earing diamonds to move slightly and made the diamonds flash and glint and drew the attention of sight to them; the diamonds in the hat had an even greater effect on the mind


after looking at the spectacle for about eight or ten seconds of dream-time i glanced over at the man on the right of the person standing next to me (never did see her or his face)


every time i looked at him i began laughing


whoever it was that conceived or discovered or designed the outfit knew the effect which she/he wanted to create and it had the desired hypnotic on the african guy who i could see


the way his eyes were going from hat to necklace to earings over and over and the stupefied look on his face made me laugh louder every time i looked at him and i was laughing as i woke from the dream






qod's 3.6 - 3.2 - 3.4


qos 3.7




vividness: 3.8


the stand-out part of the dream: the light coming from the diamonds


the significance of the stand-out part of the dream:


category of dream: jewellery


cause/s of the dream:


notes 1