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the first dream

the name of the dream

a peoples banquet


a family of about eight at a dining table having a meal


the atmosphere was more like that of people at a banquet


the second dream

the name of the dream

swinging on a star


the first scene, moving about in a largish room singing the song Swinging On A Star" and alternating between normal, falsetto and bass voice


second scene: one or two other people chimed in at various points in the song which gave the song more swing (the stand-out part of the dream)


the third dream

the name dream

deadly peekabo


the first scene, had to go to the bathroom


the second scene, in the bathroom and when i tried to lock the door the latch on the door slid over the latch-catch but slipped back off it just as easily with the slightest pressure


i expected to be in there for more than a minute or two and began trying different ways of getting the door to close securely


a peashooter-sized square metal bar materialised and slotted into position in the latch area and kept the door secure


the fourth scene, someone fired a bullet through the door which only just missed me


then there was another shot and another bullet which, again, buried itself into the wall


the door was made of a flimsy hardboard


there was a hole in the area where the latch was about the size of a salad tomato, presumably where the original lock for the door had been


there was also a button-sized hole in the middle of the door which looked like it was a peep-hole and there was a gap at the top of the door big enough for someone to stick there head through


i looked through the peephole to see who it was firing at me and saw the person with the gun who could now also see me


i jumped behind a wall to the side of the door just in time to miss the next bullet


the person with the gun knew the bullet wouldn't pass through the wall and poked the barrel of the gun through the peep-hole and turned the barrel in my direction


a round tube of metal in the peep-hole became dislodged as the gun was forced through


i grabbed hold of it


now he could fire a shot at where i was but equally couldn't see if i was still in the position i had moved to


he stuck his head over the top of the door to locate me


while he was getting into position it gave me enough time to slip the round, hollow metal sleeve that had lined the peephole, and which was now conveniently bent, and enable it to slip over the barrel of the gun and direct the exiting bullet to fire upwards


the bloke with the gun looked over the door, saw what i had done and said "you must be ******g joking"


i was waiting for him to pull the trigger when the dream ended




vividness 3.4 to 3 - observer (meal) participant for the other two - the category of the dream: multi-themed dream () food () singing () toilet drama (1)