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the name of the dream:

caught in the middle


i'm the manager of a shop or an office and i'm sitting with the awake-time girlfriend of many moons ago


she was dressed in blue and was preoccupied with what she was doing


she took a package out of a bag and unwrapped it


one or two of the packages were wrapped in see-through polythene and each of them contained two or four ounces of marijuana


inexplicably, in amongst the marijuana were a couple of bolts and two or three metal sleeves i had been looking for a couple of months ago


i hadn't found them at the time of this dream and why they should be a part of this dream isn't understood


she re-wrapped the parcels with the metal items and when they were wrapped the metal objects chinked every time the package was moved


in the next scene, her boyfriend had shown up


she was so upset that her boyfriend had managed to find her she started crying


her boyfriend asked me to get some takeaway food from a shop nearby


in the next scene, i was back with the food and it was just the male and me in a kitchen area


her boyfriend didn't want to talk to me and was walking away as i was speaking to him


i asked him what i should do with the food and still, he didn't say anything


i was wondering what was going on with him and his girlfriend when the dream ended


notes 1


the stand-out part of the dream was the sound of the metal in the packages


will assume it is dreams becoming more detailed