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the name of the dream

another girl montage


there was a two-themed dream before the montage sequence but that was quickly forgotten as the moving and still images began


it was an exclusively all-female show with asian-girls/women featuring frequently



after about thirty images i realised it was going to go on for a long time and relaxed into it


at one point the sequences and images were so absorbing and clear i realised my mouth was wide open in amazement and in an act of vanity recomposed my face


it was predominantly but not exclusively x-themed


there was a rapid change of themes for parts of the montage with there being about four images's/sequences for each slightly different theme


notes 1


it was only a few days ago that the thought that i missed not having montages occurred




vividness 3.5 - 3.9/4




the category of the dream Mega-Montage () x theme ()