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second dream


the name of the dream

a contemporary building and historic buildings


can't make heads nor tails of this dream




an open-air sports field with the usual sloped-tiered spectator area running around it and a wooden fence enclosing it


not all of the stadium was visible in the dream


that part of the stadium which was visible, about forty-metres, was stacked with collapsible, wooden-slatted chairs about two, three or four metres high and went to the top of the enclosing fence


in the next scene, i am on top of the chairs unfurling a white thin canvas with about two or three metres of the chairs still to be covered


the scene changes: i am lying on my front on the chairs the looking out of the stadium and "casing" a bank in a one-street wild west town with a dozen or so wood buildings assessing the best way to rob it


the dream changes into a think-read dream and the message is "if you find a bag with money in it its because i successfully robbed your bank but left some for you"


still in the dream, i was trying to think why i had written the message


there was then a period of composing and re-composing the message



then, the composing of the message gave way to me slipping in and out of awake-time and dream-time conscious as i tried to remember what it was i had dreamt of today, thinking that the dream about the stadium was an awake-time construct and i was awake, when i was in fact, still dreaming


still in dream-conscious, i settled on the thought that at least i had a dream and was maintaining one of the longest runs of recording dreams on a daily basis


it wasn't until i came to the computer to make the entry that i realised this was the second dream of the day


notes 1


over the last couple of months, there have been several instances like this when the dream-time and awake-time have become indistinguishable


if nothing else dream theory is paving the way to getting used to the idea that the two apparently different states of consciousness are more connected than we realised and, most radically, the dream-conscious is the "parent" state of the two types of conscious




the category of the dream: dream-time/awake-time fusing (1)


first dream


the name of the dream

the incident in the hospital


in the reception area of a hospital with an awake-time acquaintance of twenty-plus years ago


not sure why we were there


i didn't need treatment and i don't think he did either


we may have been visiting someone


the person with me was talking to two female members of the staff


one was admin the other was a nurse or doctor


i occasionally looked at them as they were talking but was mainly looking elsewhere


the tone of the conversation changed


i think one of the ladies said something demeaning to my mate or he had said something which caused one of the girls to respond with a quip which was slightly derogatory


she said something like "what do you do then ?"


he didn't respond to her remark but instead went straight for her jugular and said: "how many lives have you lost ?"


the woman was hurt and stunned


my ears picked up and my attention became fully focused on the chat


he pressed her, "c'mon. you've saved lives. how many have you lost ?"


the women weren't going to take that sort of remark


one of the women picked up a phone and asked for dr birch


things had moved into the area which breached hospital protocol


i was thinking of telling him to apologise before it got ugly


the dream ended there