name of dream: a nightmare of a child


a girl of five or six


she was on a sofa in a sitting position coming out of a sleep


as she was waking she peed herself


the urine jetted from her body in a stream


she was sweating profusely and her fringe was stuck to her forehead


she looked at me and spoke a sentence


the sentence was a question which queried whether she was different


it was as though someone had just come out of an anaesthesia sleep and wanted to know if the operation had saved their life


then she was asleep again




qod 3


qos 3.4


p or o ?




notes 1


the stand out part of the dream was the deeply sincere manner she spoke


it was if she thought i had the ability to make one reality or another for her


this might be the time to remind ourselves of the characteristics which can endure forever in the forever


there probably isn't one adult person who has retained the characteristic's they had as a five-year-old anywhere in the world


yet that it is what it takes to merge with eternity


the ability to change realities in a moment


an open-mindedness which can embrace a new happiness


the ability to absorb new thoughts and actions in an instant


complete flexibility to be in one state or another


to get to where we seek to get means complete trust in every other person


the thought of self-before others won't exist


the simple act of giving without receiving, which children find easy to do, will have become the norm...


this is the gist of what we have to become


that two adults arguing in the presence of a child-mind can cause such a severe reaction gives us an indication of just how poor our understanding of ourselves is