name of dream: x (d)


simply superb


it's difficult to convey the intensity of the feelings in this dream


when both the woman and the man gave more than they received


there was nothing more we could have done


the contract between genders had been fulfilled






qod 4.2


qos 3.7




vividness: 4


the stand-out part of the dreams:


the significance of the stand-out part of the dream:


category of dream: x


cause/s of the dream: thoughts during the day


notes 1


changes are occurring


the feelings in dreams are becoming more real than the memories of the experiences of awake-time memories


we know from the 12112017 dream that the inter-undulation memory is more accurate than the awake-time memory


in all likelihood, we can confidently speculate that the inter-undulation memory is more accurate in respect of feelings too


it is thought that this is because then inter-undulation memory has more experiences to draw from


within our lifetime we should be able to accurately place the time-tense of most of the dreams


at the moment only one in fifty dreams have correct placings


notes 2


the writer has now reached the point where he can induce this type of dream


it's come at the right time


there's absolutely nothing happening in awake-time


now, how to make the dreams longer or seem longer


notes 3


with one exception this dream has exceeded all memories of awake-time experiences