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the third dream

in my place with one or two other people

nothing special was happening

light chatter, a bit of movement

the bed i had slept on was like a bed that someone had just got out of

a figure went passed the kitchen window and in the next scene dennis had just walked into the living room

he had come to ask what was the best point of departure to get to france

"dover," i said

"what's the best way to get to dover ?" he asked

"train," i said

in the next scene, he sat and then laid down on the bed i had just got out of

he had moccasin-style beach sandals on and the heels of them were resting on the sheets

"don't put your feet on the sheets. i sleep on them"

he sat back up

i said "i'll come with you. i've got the money and i fancy a holiday"

i wouldn't be going to france though, i would be going to holland; my favourite country

there was some more talking about the journey to dover before the dream ended


time-tense: 6

notes 1

the most noteworthy thing about this dream was the details of the location

the location was accurate right down to the position of the sofa and the colour of the cover of the duvet and the people in the dream are people i know currently

in the dream, my feet are pointing west whereas the current, and long-standing position, is north

this is very much a present time-tense

a computer wasn't in this dream and that means the dream was the past of a past undulation

the absence of a computer must mean it is between fifty or a hundred or so undulations of the present undulation

apart from precognitive dreams, this was the most accurate placement of the time-tense of any dream so far


with one raised to the 99th power years to go in this undulation, you may wonder why there is only a one-year step forward each undulation

love/life, you should be aware, is generous to a fault

love/life is also ultra-sensitive to the feelings of those who are terminally-ill: see the analogy of parents with terminally-ill children in the endic database


there is also the consideration of soul-partners who are coming-to-be and those who have yet to establish the connection with their soul-partner

the wanton acts of murder that have and are being perpetrated in the present and past of this undulation reflect the insensitivity of our nature

as we move forward into the future of this undulation our feelings become evermore honed-in to the delicate balance of the qualitative aspect of our lives

by the time you-know-who is with us these times won't be of any significance

to take a qualitative run at infinity means attuning ourselves in a way and to a degree which we are not yet able to imagine

one insight we can project into the forever is pleasure

it can be stated with confidence that we will have to be in a state of pleasure at least five and ten thousand times more pleasurable than the most pleasurable experiences we currently experience

it won't be football-match emotions, (over the moon one minute and down in the dumps the next) it will be a steadily increasing state of wonder

second dream

name of the dream: some men just can't wait

in bed and there is a girl in the next room who was getting ready to join me

she was taking a space-age to come to me through from where she was

the longer i was waiting the more aroused i became

it got to the point where i couldn't contain myself

so before you could say "cock robin" i masturbated and had ejaculated

and then there was another wait and still, in a state of arousal, i masturbated again and ejaculated again

i was still cleaning myself when she walked into my room from her room

she said "have you come ?" and i nodded

she deliberately waited for me to empty myself; it would take longer for me to get worked up again

i felt disappointed with myself for not being able to control myself

oddly, i was still feeling disappointed with myself even after i woke up and realised it was only a dream

category of dream: x dream (30)

stand-out part of the dream: take a wild guess

first dream

name of the dream

attempted intimidation

on the ground floor of a three-storey prison

a narrow-faced, narrow-eyed, diminutive inmate thought i was ripe for intimidation

he made a veiled threat concerning my future

i wasn't in the mood to be threatened

i feinted a movement with my left arm to the left

his eyes followed my arm

with his gaze distracted i whipped my right hand to his neck and using the index finger ran the back of the nail across his throat

"do you realise how easy it would be to cut your throat with a piece of broken glass ?" i said

he was looking at me as the dream ended


category of dream: prison: closed ()

cause of the dream: thoughts during the day

vividness: - 3.1