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first dream


the name of the dream: the riches of a poor family


was visiting a family with four or five girls under the age of ten


the mother was quite a slight woman and liked to wear dark-coloured clothing


she saw the children as her treasure and guarded them with a diligence that only women have


she and her husband had seperated and she wanted the stabiity of a relationship


the girls were typically loving and innocent to the world's ways and regarded males as something wondrous


the mother didn't realise just how much enjoyment i got from the company of the children


i didn't find the mother particularly attractive but we were comfortable in each others company


she wanted me to show her affection and then she could let herself relax


i decided i would become involved with her


the mother and the children were preparing to go shopping and she gave the girls an equal amount of pocket money of about one pound fifty


i gave each of them a little more


notes 1


this is the second or third dream of this family


if it's the third, it's a serial dream (my ref... 1969)


the family is a family i used to board with in london in the 1960's


the family were poor but the girls didn't know about the injustice's in the world, all they knew was the excitement of being alive




category of dream: serial dream ()


second dream


the name of the dream: mixing conciousnesses


it may have been the same woman as in the first dream


we were outside, it may have been a beach


the woman was letting me lead


she had no idea of what to expect


i think women like it that way; they hope it's going to be that type of x which fulfils all aspects of what can happen when a couple wants to enjoy each other


typically, men tend to expect women to enjoy them enjoying the woman


it didn't occurr to me until about nine years ago... there's a much more rewarding way of intensifying the pleasure/enjoyment of x for both the woman and the man


i was going to introduce her to my "the woman's pleasure first" philosophy


this was going to be my pleasure in a way women aren't acquainted with


we were both still clothed, she was wearing three or four garments and i, two or three


i lay on my back and manipulated her onto the top of me


within a short time the tips my fingers found their way under the elastic band of her trousers...




the stand-out part of the dream: thinking about women during the day


the stand-out part of the dream: the first touch of her skin


third dream


the name of the dream: mixing conciousnesses


this ten-secong dream happened in awake-time


was still feeling sleepy and began thinking about a fairly recent relationship


my thoughts/memory took me into a bed-scene, it was part-memory and mainly mind-embellishment...this ten-secong dream happened in awake-time


i was awake and i wondered if my partner was awake as well


i asked "are you awake" and she said "yes"


then i said "give us a kiss" and she rolled over and our lips automatically found each other


the kiss lasted for a full five or six seconds and it could have gone on a lot longer or led to something else


it was though, just a kiss that i needed at that moment


when the sensation of the kiss had filled my senses i started to pull away but she was still in a kissing mood so i pressed back into her lips and laid my hand on her bare hip and kept contact with her skin with my hand as i relaxed back into a sleeping position


she could have touched my hand and i would have responded but she didn't and the experience ended there




the category of the dream: mixed consciousnesses: (1) kissing deam (15)