second dream

the name of the dreams

the overly-grateful young lass, unremembered discussion and loose bowels

done a favour for a young female college student

i hadn't put a lot of effort or time into doing the favour and was taken aback when the girl was so grateful she said she wanted me to be her boyfriend

she was a nice enough girl but it seemed to me she was being too generous so i decided to refuse her invitation and did so by introducing character flaws which i knew would put her off me

the theme of the dream changed...

walking along a street that had two-storey buildings

outside one of the houses, there was a group of three or four middle-eastern young men

the relevant part of the dream, the topic of our conversation, had slipped from the memory when it came to writing it down

the theme of the dream changed again...

i was in dire need to get to the toilet

had just entered the well-kept and predominantly stainless steel fixtures of a two-cubicle toilet

alas, i didn't make it to one of the cubicles and some of the ejected excreta were on the floor outside of the cubicle

now i was in a dilemma... to get into the cubicle and complete the bodily function or clean up what was on the floor before anyone come into the toilet

i managed to scoop up most, but not all, of the excreta in one hand and get into the cubicle before anyone came in

still, the drama wasn't over... now i had to finish going to the toilet and wash my hands and clean up what was still on the floor

a sense of mild anxiety prevailed as this dream ended


vividness 3.4 - participant - the category of the dream: multi-themed dream (30 ?) soiling oneself (4 ?)

first dream

the name of the dream

cheap cigarettes-cheap money

i was selling duty-free cigarettes as a way of boosting my income

a woman was buying some of my stock of cigarettes

i gave her a pack of two-hundred and she gave me much too much money for them

i thought the extra money was her way of asking for more cigarettes so i gave her another packet

but, again, she gave me even more money for the second packet that she had for the first

she seemed flustered and in a hurry

it was as though she had more money than she knew what to do with it and was trying to get rid of her money

i got the impression she was fleeing from someone or something


vividness 3 - participant - the category of the dream: one-scene dream (?) black market dealings cigarettes (1) woman (1)