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winning isn't the be all and end all


the second fastest four-hundred-metre runner in the country missed his qualifying run to secure a place in the national squad for the olympic games


the form book showed he was indisputably the second man for the squad and would be in with a chance of qualifying for the finals as well as being part of the four by four-hundred relay team


his reason for missing the qualifying run was perfectly understandable and everyone agreed the reason for missing it should not disqualify him from taking part in the games and he was going to be given the opportunity to do a solo run which would be the official qualifier


i was at the track as he was limbering up and it occurred to me that if he had a pacemaker for the first two-hundred metres it would help to produce a better time


he was in agreement and there was nothing in the rule book which said we couldn't do it


he was in the lane behind me, i was in lane three or four


he had overtaken me by the time we came out of the first bend and he was slowly pulling ahead of me


a little voice in my head said "lengthen your stride"


i did and it dramatically increased my speed


so much so, i was catching him up and i realised that i would catch him up by the time we reached the second bend and it was obvious to me that i was going to win


i liked and admired the other man and felt it would be wrong to beat him and decided that breathing down his neck would push him around the final bend and down the home straight in a faster time


notes 1


this dream was the result of thinking during the day that lengthening my steps while walking might improve my stability in walking


something i will try when i go out later





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