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the names of the dream/s

in prison and out of prison


the first dream was in a russian prison


it was a barrack-style prison with about six barracks


it was my first day


i took it on myself to get things organised for the entire prison, cooking, recreation, washing roster... only to find everything was already fully organised down to the finest detail


the prison was didn't have any of the trimmings that went with a western-style open prison... no t.v., table-tennis, magazines, shared visiting room


it did have a strong sense of history


in particular, one man was a legend


he had been a champion of the causes of the injustices of the past when the prison was new and the old soviet regimes imposed austerity and rigid discipline


the man's legacy was a series of essays written as a diary


the sentiments in the papers still set the tone for the camaraderie that prevailed in the camp/prison


the worst thing a person could do was denigrate or criticise his character or writings


much of the prevailing prison way of life was based on his utterances


second dream


was being myself in the city i was born in


there was a semi-celebratory atmosphere throughout the dream


there were two scenes when i bumped into an old friend from my twenties


in both scenes, he was friendly and smiling


in every other dream with this person in it he had shown his disappointment/disgust with me by not talking and giving me hostile looks


the discord was of my making


a stupid contrivance to end a long telephone conversation we were having because a person in the room with me was becoming impatient because he couldn't speak


i told the person in the room with me to knock the door and excused myself from the telephone conversation to go to the door when it would have been completely acceptable to say there was someone in the room with me and i had to get back to him


the person on the phone picked up on what i done


in another scene, a young man deliberately bumped into me so he could speak to me


in a scene in a pub, there was a paper with my name on it on the counter


the slightly stained paper was the copy of the menu of a meal i had ordered so long before i couldn't remember it


back in the day, it was the procedure of the pub to get the customer to sign the menu of the meal they had ordered


in another scene, i visited a music shop that sold musical equipment and disco lights


the coloured lights going on and off in sequence was the stand-out part of the two dreams




vividness 3.2/3 to 3.6/7 - particpant - categories of dreams - prison () open () and home town () steve (5)