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the name of the dream

a threesome


the first scene, in amsterdam


a young girl, seventeen or eighteen, latched onto me


she was a typically exuberant teenager; excited with the newness of life and, like so many young and happy girls, she had lots to say


her extrovert nature made her appealing and i was perfectly happy to let her into my life


she wasn't, however, a girl i wanted a relationship with but that wasn't a problem for her


a scene or two later a young man about the same age as the girl was asking passers-by for money


it didn't take long for me to recognise he had character problems, he came across as being "slow"


after handing him some money the young girl and i walked on


in the next scene, we are walking along at a casual pace and he is talking to the young girl


immediately it was noticeable that his personality had changed for the better


he speech was no longer hesitant and the expression on his face had gone from being lost and forlorn to enthusiastic


he and the girl were getting on like a house on fire as they exchanged a to and fro of words and mannerisms


there were a few more scenes and as they played out the girl and boy were becoming evermore friendly


it was a joy to see them engrossed with each other; they had become an "item"


we went from place to place, a coffee here, a gift shop there


knowing i had brought them together produced a deep, warm and wonderful feeling of satisfaction


a beautiful dream


notes 1


if a simple situation like this can produce such pleasure for the writer what must it be like for you-know-who bringing into being couples who will be together forever and will be becoming increasingly happier the longer they are together !


you will be forgiven, if, like me, you feel a little envious of her/his creative abilities




vividness 3.4 - participant - the category of the dream: matchmaking (1) unintentional (1)