name of dream: insignificant dream ?



looking at myself in the mirror and seeing a boil-sized spot on my forehead




time-tense 9 or 6


qod 2.9


qos 3.1


p or o ?




during the day my hand automatically went to an irritation on my forehead


notes 1


the next time i went to the bathroom and looked at where the irritation was there was a pimple the size of a pin-head


notes 2


this isn't the first insignificant dream entry


notes 3


after thinking about it, this one-scene dream does have significance


i'm a cooked-meal man


four out of five of my meals are meat and veg

(my veg to meat ratio is about three to one)


a look at diet diary (uploading the diet diary sometime next year) will show an imbalance in the ratio of cooked meat and veg meals to non-cooked meat and veg meals over the last week or so


notes 4


being a film-goer it can't help but be noticed that more than just one or two of the big-name film stars have developed wart-sized spots on their faces


this will be due, i am fairly sure, to the chemicals used in foods to flavour, colour, preserve and... the foods and thus enhance the profit margin


time and money are big factors in our lives, there are however bigger ones, and with a whole world of things to do, allocating time to buying, preparing and cooking food isn't always the priority it should be


incorporating into our lives the twice or thrice daily mundane task of the seemingly insignificant act of eating will slow the tempo of our lifestyle and bring us back to realising the importantance of taking the time to eat cooked meals as a way of life


it takes up more of our time, yes, but it is hoped that the very large time-scales you are becoming familiar with will be balanced by the realisation that it only takes a second for a person to change their time-tense from one to nine


shopping, preparing, cooking and eating food is an excellent way of making us reduce the tempo of our lifestyles and avoid the type of catastrophes that often accompanies the frantic pace of a money-first outlook


t it will also ensure that those handsome faces on the silver screen will be blemish-free


notes 5


this dream scene brought to mind another insignificant dream from the last few days


in that one-scene dream, there was an inviting looking savoy cabbage


although, it is worth saying, iv'e seen better-looking savoy cabbages in awake-time


that an informative dream, which is what i think it was, has presented in the dream-state a cabbage which i would have considered inferior to those seen in awake-time has caused me to think (because of postulate one... 12112017) the savoy cabbages i see in an awake-state might be over-fertilised to get to the size they are


if that's not the case then the bigger, brighter cabbages in the awake-state are actually of a more recent time-tense and have not been around for enough undulations to become a permanent part of the inter-undulation memory


this makes sense when it is pointed out that the one-scene dream of the cabbage was an improvement of the cabbages i had seen in the shops and had thought about during the day before having the cabbage dream


second sleep


name of dream:

claustrophobic situtation


on the inside of a large store next to the entrance


something had caused a bottle-neck of people from moving into the store


there were about fifteen semi-burly men wearing white shirts who were blocking the access to the rest of the store


i couldn't get passed the men and the doors didn't open outwards


trying to push them into the store only made matters worse as it caused the mini-throng to push back which caused me to have to stoop down so i wasn't pressed against the door


all i could see from my lowered position was the legs and back of the men's torso's


there was a moment of mild panic as i tried to stand up and realised i wasn't going to be able to


the slightly panicky feeling intensified as the crowd of men lost ground to whatever it was which was causing them to bunch up and they edged back onto me by about a quarter of a metre


if the men directly in front of me crumbled to the ground there would have been hundreds of pounds of weight lying on top of me




favoured time-tense 9


qod 2.8


qos 3.3






this dream is easy to pinpoint


used dumbbells earlier on in the day to do dumbbell stoops and in typical me fashion i used too much weight


i didn't get the breathing in and out in sync with the movement and at the bottom of the movement and there was too much pressure on my torso for me to be able to breathe in


i was on the verge of dropping them and taking a breath in