name of dream:

taken by surprise/one-scene dream


was mulling over what area of my life to enhance by investment


had recently spent several hundred expanding my wardrobe


had recently also spent more than half a thousand on a freezer because i was convinced that blanched and deep-frozen fresh veg was healthier than two or three days old veg

(it is the case that blanching and freezing food on the day it is picked keeps more of its nutrition than food which isn't blanched and frozen for two or more days after being picked)


of course, the way to go is for a master-class level of organisation which presents food for consumption when food is deemed to be at its most nutritious (as it stands the profit-margin drives the main considerations in the presentation of food)


had also recently spent half a thousand on an adjustable bed

(there are noticeable gains to be made when the quality of rest between work-outs is taken to its extreme. it was noticed that the degree of recuperation was greater when a seated position was replaced by a reclining with feet raised position, and further, that those times when reading and writing are necessary, which takes up most of the writers time, adopting the reclining with feet raised for computer activities added even greater repair and maintenance opportunities)


had also spent more than half a thousand on dental work in the last six weeks


although the work was done satisfactory i had allowed myself to be persuaded that teeth should conform to the current standard look of semi-circularity


tom cruise and guy pearce are two people whose teeth are of this style


the teeth are o.k. but they're not me


so i decided to have my teeth re-worked only this time i was going to insist on having the style of teeth which is my natural look


it was the day of my appointment with the dentist


i walked through a door or two after entering the building


the reception was ahead of me but my sight was drawn to a dental room where a composed, and fetching in dark blue and white, sat a ready and waiting for me rosamund pike


it wasn't who i was expecting to see and it completely disoriented me


how had she got there ?


she hadn't been in the pde's

what was she doing in the dream ?


why i was so unsettled by her appearance in the dream is a mystery to me


but it has to be related... i was slightly panic-struck


so much so, i had to end the dream, which i did by blinking

(first time that i have ended a dream by blinking it out)




time-tense: 1, 3, 4


qod 3.8


qos 3.7




vividness 4


stand-out moment:


origin of dream: the theme for this dream was founded in the pde's but drew its imagery through the inter-undulation memory


the theme for a dream can also come directly from the inter-undulation memory


although the reasons for this happening aren't yet formulated


dreams appear to originate either from pde's or are presented to the mind as information (as in the case of pre-cognitive dreams)


notes 1


why was the inter-undulation memory used when there was ample present-time imagery to draw from ?


there may be an answer if r.p. has had dreams of being a dentist