first dream


name of dream: baby in prison


a man was walking along the second-tier landing of a prison


he was carrying a baby in the crook of his right arm with the baby's body lying along his forearm and its head resting in his palm


the atmosphere of this scene dark and foreboding






qod's 2.8


qos 3.5




vividness: 3


the stand-out part of the dream: the feeling of oppression


the significance of the stand-out part of the dream:


category of dream: prison/babies (1)


cause/s of the dream: the emotional content accompanying thoughts during the day


second dream


name of dream: regimental prison (1)


in the first scene, i was sitting on the end of a bench against a wall with a dozen other men


we were wearing thick dark-blue jumpers and darker trousers


in the next scene we were standing in a line in what looked like a gym, and again i was at the end of the line


in the third scene, the other men were doing something energetic while i stood there watching


the instructor came over to me and said: "why aren't you running" i said "i can't run" the instructor said sarcastically, "why, are you crippled " and i said "no, disabled"


the instructor asked a couple more questions and realised i was not an able-bodied person


he stood there with his mouth open not knowing what to say


i knew that i shouldn't be there and now so did he


he was going to have to leave the men and take me somewhere and get it sorted out


the instructor was annoyed that someone had not done their job and wanted, but didn't, to give me a dressing down and lay the blame on me


third dream


name of dream: in the arms of my baby


it felt as though i was carrying a heavy burden


it felt as though i had been carrying it all my life


i entered the room where my girl was lying down


i walked over and joined my girl lying down and the burden came with me


in her arms, there was some solace


i said "i have missed you"


notes 1


it is those who have known great things who feel wrong-doings most acutely