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name of dream:

a snack and a decent meal, not


the first scene, invited three mates back for fried eggs, tinned tomatoes and toast


they gratefully accepted and their warm response to my offer told me i had asked the right people at the right time


the second scene, back at my place on the second floor of a two-storey house


in the cramped room of the bedsit, the neon light went out


decided to take the tube out of its housing and reinsert it thinking it might be a loose connection


in the third scene, as i am stretching up again and trying to loosen the neon strip from its housing a round bit of silver-coloured metal fell from the light and shorted the electrics (the most vivid part of the dream... 3.6)


the mood changed as we all realised the meal was off


one of the invited people was really disappointed and started complaining with a challenging belligerence


i apologised as sincerely and humbly as i knew how


the fourth scene, the three males had left the dream and was still hungry so i decided to "splash out" and go and have a sit-down meal at a half-decent cafe


the fifth scene, at the almost-a-restaurant i discovered my credit cards were back at the bedsit


the sixth scene, back in the room the wardrobe was falling apart


the bottom of the wardrobe was crumbling and losing tiny bits of wood every time i moved something while looking for the cards


it was on the verge of becoming so unstable it might topple forward the next time it moved


the seventh scene, went to the next floor down where the landlady, a shapely and sturdy woman of about thirty, was telling me she couldn't do anything about the wardrobe until the next day


the eighth scene, back in my room and looking down at the front door of the building watching the comings and goings of the people


the ninth scene was on the ground floor, as i was leaving the building someone's visitor was coming into the house


he said something "sarky" in a dismissive and provocative way as we passed each other


notes 1


every scene was a different time-tense


the dream-time or inter-undulationary memory was doing its best to put together the pde's


gauging it from the vividness factor, this dream was mainly past time-tenses


ideally, we're trying to achieve a vividness factor of 3.3 and higher for all scenes


will start putting the vividness rating at the end of each scene




vividness: the average of all scenes... 3.2 - participant - the category of the dream: food-theme dream without food (1)