the name of the dreams

with friends like that and abominable conditions

the first scene is set in a typical street

the scene showed many dozens of people

a convention to overcome abuse of children was underway

had just arrived and was looking for my son

he was with an awake-time friend from my teenage years about thirty metres way

my friend hadn't seen me and as i got closer he gave my son a smack

i knew he was a bit resentful towards me but that he would take out his resentment for me on my son made me re-evaluate my opinion of him

i was on the way to get my son and let my friend know that he was no longer my friend

next dream, set in arctic-type conditions

was making my way from one place to another

i only had to go about twenty or thirty metres but the blizzard was so fierce it would be easy to lose the sense of direction and become a fatality

for a while, i thought i had lost my way but just in time a habitation became visible and the dream ended as i entered into it


vividness 3 - participant - the category of the dream: two-themed dream (?)