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the name of the dream

what ! three females and no x


in line with most dreams recently, i thought i wasn't going to be able to recall it until, after trying twenty or more times to remember the dream, a quick flash of a memory told me it was there and it was just a matter of coaxing it into awake-time


ten or so probing thoughts later it began presenting itself


it was sitting-on-the-grass weather


at first, i was walking and then i was sitting in exeter park near central station


was in a fabulous mood and it was as though i was the person who had discovered walking


seamless movement without being aware of any sensation in the legs


a day when there is a ready-to-smile smile on the face


a day when it feels as if nature itself is in a good mood


one young lady and I traded glances and shared the same smile


the next scene was back at her place


she shared her accommodation with two other women, all looked to be twenty-ish'


think they may have been grads or postgrads


my good mood was still playing out


i captured their imaginations and attention by answering their questions and remarks with simple reply's that hinted at intelligence but mainly portrayed a man in love with life and people and especially women


the girls started to take me seriously, too seriously


the darting looks to each other as i spoke and when i caught them stealing quick look's at my crotch i knew where it was leading


one of the girls was noticeably less good-looking than the other two; a lady who men didn't automatically take a shine to


she emanated the air of a woman with a history of unsatisfactory relationships


she had to try to make herself wanted by men, not something women are happy doing


to make all of the girls accessible, and to bring about what would be to me be a fantasy-reality, i would first have to win the affections of the woman who had been least successful in her interactions with men


fate threw me a life-line, she had a two-year-old daughter


in the next scene the mother was presenting her daughter to me


three women and my first-time-encounter with a two-year-old child !


the women would pick up on the slightest deviation i made which suggested anything other than adult/child compatibility


if ever there was a test designed to gauge a man's character... it was make or break time


the little girl was dressed delightfully, bushed dress (the type that has white padding and makes the skirt flare out) and a bow in her hair


it was easy to like her



she was in front of me sitting on her mother's knees


her fists were almost clenched, as is the way with very young one


i put my forefinger in one of her hands and cheated a little bit by gently scratching her palm with my nail


sher reflexes done their job, her hand closed tight and she was grasping my finger


the pressure of her grip let me judge how much movement i would be able to make in her whole arm


i gave, what would seem to be to the toddler, a hearty handshake, and while shaking it said in a soft, fun way "my name is john. how do you do ?"


she didn't back away or change her expression


my next move was to go for her ribs or the side of her neck or her toes...


if this went right i was set up for at least a year


the trick was not to rush it




vividness 3.3 to3.5 - participant - the category of the dream, relationships () women ()