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the name of the dream

the friendly green lizard


in a room with another person


a small green lizard about twice as big as a newt was scurrying here and there


i stooped down so that the back of my hand was resting on the floor and offered the palm of my hand to the lizard


the lizard accepted the invitation and it ran onto my hand, up my arm and stopped on my shoulder but then jumped off and onto the floor almost immediately


again i put my hand close to the floor so it could run up it and made a squeaky sound to get the lizards attention


it not only got the attention of the lizard but the lizard mimicked my sound almost exactly as it climbed onto my hand and up my arm and onto my shoulder again


when the lizard was on my shoulder i made another sound only this time it was more of a soft cluck


it duplicated the sound yet again and the other person in the room darted a look at me and we knew the lizard had intelligence


but, as the first time, it jumped back onto the floor almost straight away


i then realised the lizard was looking for something to eat


i asked the other person in the dream to use two jars to make a flour paste while i attempted to coax the lizard back into my hand


the other person made the paste but it was much too watery and then the theme of the dream became two men trying to make a bread paste for the next couple of scenes and the lizard was no longer in the dream when the dream ended


notes 1


this was another dream that was above 3.5 in vividness


it looks like only dreams that have a high level of vividness are becoming worthy of becoming an entry into the diary




vivdiness 3.7 - participant - the category of the dream: animal () reptile () lizard () green (1)