dreams - interpretation-analysis



the analysis, interpretation and content of dreams begins with the recognition that the contents of dreams are formed by thoughts, sights, feelings etc. during the day

in this person's experience the dominanting influence of the cause of the content of dreams comes from the thoughts during the day

the second most influential element in the formation of the content of dreams, again, in the writer's experience, comes from the feelings/sentiments accompanying the thoughts

third in the order of things which dominate the content of dreams are the sights/images during the day

for now let's see if using just these three considerations is enough to give us a workable method for our purposes

our goal is to be the author our own dreams


woke up today (06112015) feeling completely refreshed and relaxed and lay there luxuriating in the feeling

began reflecting on the dream i'd just had...

the dream had so many new sights and variations in it that after an hour of thinking about the dream it dawned on me... for an interpretation/analysis of dreams it will mean having to organise the content of dreams into many distinct groups and categories

the need to make this entry galvanised me into action and got me out of bed

in the dream... a game of Jai alai, was being played not in a court with a Cesta but with a cap on a flight of stairs with what could have been a small but heavy ball-bearing that would have caused an injury had either player, and, it should be mentioned, the person i was playing was playing with great reluctance, got their head in the way of it... two mineral stones. one was oval/round, predominantly black with white streaks the other was cube-shaped, predominantly white with black streaks... a class of spider-insect about the size of a grasshopper but with a body the shape of the spaceship Millenium Falcon with an "i'll attack you if you try anything with me" and a "i want a friend" character all its own... a group of avant garde thinkers led by myself. some of them were enticed into making money from the mineral stones. some of them wanted to make a name for themselves by exhibiting the friendly spider.

the game of jai alai was certainly the result of watching a bit the film Tron

various thoughts during the day can explain some of the other contents of the dream but too much of this, and many other dreams, aren't understood


contents of dreams












(the "i'm glad this isn't a dream" dream the writer had as a youngster)



degree of vividness of content

repetitive feelings

repetitive sights

association of feelings/sentiments accompanying thoughts

the constants of the themes of thoughts, feelings, sights etc. throughout a lifetime