dreams diary 2


the name of the dream/s: a misunderstanding and a sing-along opera

the first theme, sitting on a high stool drinking a coffee, not sure if it was an indoor or outdoor cafe, reasonably sure it was on the continent

they had been sitting for a while before i noticed the man was smoking

pointing to his cigarette and then at my coffee i getured for a smoke

he was smiling before i said anything and continued with his teeth-smile as he threw his cigarette into my coffee

he had completely misunderstood me

he thought i was asking him to put out his smoke out

second theme

was sitting in the "gods" of an auditorium that looked like it could seat five-hundred or more people

amongst the one-third full theatre, there were three groups of women

one group of the women were to my left on the "lower-deck" and the other two groups were on my level

the women, and the opera, were either sicilian or italian and dressed in what looked to be traditional garb... colourful dresses and head-scarves, singing and clapping along with the performance in a rumbustious manner

if there never was an opera that was composed with the intention of the audience joining in then there will be in the future

which makes this dream a future Time-Tense


vividness 3 to 3.3 - first dream participant, second dream observer - the category of the dream: two-themed dream (13+) cafe's (3+) opera's (2+)



notes 1