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location 1. 1 to 6 cov

location 2. 6 to 17 146 almond

location 3. 17 to 18 strat

location 4. 18 to 22 lon

location 5. 22 to 39 cov

location 6. exeter

location 7 plymouth

location 8. holland

location 10 unknown

p = participant

0 = observer

qod = quality of dream

qos = quality of sleep


dreams diary




first sleep


had to pick up some money for a job done


at the house, there were two young boys using a long, thin bit of flat metal trying to scoop coins through a small gap at the bottom of the door


they looked up at me and thought they were in trouble


i didn't show any concern what they were doing and they were completely non-plussed as i opened the door by the handle


the money had been stacked in piles of £1 coins, fifty pence pieces and smaller denominations


i picked up the pound and fifty pence coins and shoved the three or four other stacks of coins to them


qod 3.4

qos 3.5



second sleep


was in a small room


the moment you took a step into the room you were up against the bed


there was a single bed, a dressing table about a metre long and half a metre wide against the wall which left about another half of a metre gap between the bed and the dressing table


on the bed was a polar bear the size of a stocky young man and looked like it weighed about two hundred pound


from its movements, it was obviously a youngster


i didn't feel threatened and wouldn't be frightened if i had to share the bed with it when it was time to sleep


however, i knew it would be just a matter of time before it became hungry


i had shepherds' pie in a white porcelain bowl about half the size of a fruit bowl and put about an eighth of it into the lid of the bowl put it near the polar bear


i don't think the polar bear even saw the lid portion and went straight to the bowl and woofed it down in about three gulps


i offered the bear something else in a mug and the stand-out part of the dream was the movement of its nose as it sniffed at the contents of the cup


first ever dream of a polar bear


qod 3.0

qos 3.3





epic dream


what a dream!


an x dream that contained responsibility


qod 4.3

qos 3.2





a baby in the family


a real-time teenage best friend and i were chatting away as we were walking back to where i lived


i unlocked the front door and my friend entered first and enthusiastically said his hello's


a chorus of shhh's resounded through the room


"the baby's sleeping," my mother said looking towards a baby cot


i woke up wondering whose baby it was


qod 3.6

qos 3.8


L 2




montage sequence (with one exception all images were black and white)


this montage had four unusual characteristics compared to other montage sequences. 1) it happened before going to sleep and i was fully conscious. 2) it was black and white. 3) the images and movements were blurred or undefined. 4) there were at least fifty image/sequences (more than double number of that of previous sequences)


the thought has occurred that because montage sequences contain more consciousness than dreams it may be a natural ability which can be brought into the conscious state at will


what the purpose of such an ability isn't known yet or has yet to be developed in a way which has purposeful applications






montage sequence


hadn't slept for twenty-eight hours and was feeling tired


the moment i closed my eyes this montage began


this montage sequence was different to other sequences in that every image/sequence was in a frame (imagine the taskbar of your computer twice as thick and being on all four sides of the screen)


specifically, what this experience has highlighted is the very slim margin between the awake state and being asleep






most of this dream was spent planning a robbery with an accomplice


he had come across a metal wardrobe-size safe in the government department he worked in


it was Oligarch slush money which wasn't on the books


if the money went missing a full and proper investigation wouldn't be possible which upped our chances of getting away with it


in the next scene, we had opened the safe and were amazed at just how much money there was and how we were going to transport it


in the next scene, we were having some friends over for a meal


our guests were on their way and i was standing at the cooker doing the cooking which was two large pots of sauce, one white and one brown


i was still thinking about the robbery and kept getting the feeling we were going to get caught


my girlfriend came into the kitchen and let me know the sauce needed more of something or other in it


i phoned the guests and asked them to stop off somewhere and buy some chips


qod 3.3

qos 3.9





in a wooded area with a group of thirty or so other males


we were picking up rubbish, it may have been a prison work-party


i saw an oval object about the size of a pomegranate and picked it up


the outer part of the object had two distinct halves which were metal or a hard plastic


on the top, there was a finger-hole which was there to enable the finger to press down onto the inner body of the object which could be depressed


one of the work-party came over to me and let me know it was his


i asked him what it was used for and he explained it was a plunger for a particular situation in plumbing


i was very impressed with the cleverness and the simplicity of it and asked him if he had designed it


he nodded


i walked over to where a couple of supervisors were standing and said to them "this person has invented a device which has useful applications and a person who can originate one good idea can originate two good ideas"


the next scene was in the same place just a few metres from the previous scene


there was a brown patch of ground about two metres across


there were two women and a man standing evenly-spaced around the inside edge of a circle and they were waiting for me to take my position


as soon as i was in position the four of us began rising into the air


i could feel the firmness of something solid under my feet but couldn't see anything


the dream ended as we were ascending


qod 3.8

qos 4





a taxi pulled up near me to pick me up


it was a large limo-type taxi, a merc i think


i got in and the driver began reversing very fast


i could feel the weight of the car as i was pushed back in my seat, it felt like i was sitting on a luxurious sofa


it looked like we were going to crash into a lamppost but the driver was in complete control and pulled up in time


the car began accelerating and as i was pushed back into the seat and again the feel of comfortableness was the stand-out bit of the dream


qod 3.2

qos 3.3




x dream


it should be mentioned that most, if not all, of these types of dreams, have a wholesome nature where the writer is the participant




was at a train station with another person


the person i was with hardly spoke at all


i think he had a mental disability


we had a choice of which train to catch


the train which was going first was leaving more or less straight away


i decided to get on it


we tried to get to the platform but there weren't any stairs to get to it


as far as i could see it meant having to cross some tracks on foot


the thing which made me decide not to try to get across the tracks was that the line looked like it hadn't been used for years


there was long grass growing between the rail track and the platform we would have to go to was deserted and the buildings and structures of the platform looked like they hadn't been used for many years


so i decided to wait where we were and catch the later train


it meant we had time to get something to eat


we were in a fairly busy cafeteria which served a cooked meal


there was hot pork still on the bone and it looked delicious


two men in white catering attire we were ready to serve us


one of them could see i had my eye on the pork and said: "how do you like your pork?"


i said "large and succulent"


he cut off a sliv=ce of about 12 ounces


one of the men said something to the person i was with but his reply didn't answer the question


i spoke on his behalf and said something which made the men behind the counter smile


another question was directed at the person i was with and his reply didn't make any sense at all


i jumped in and quipped "do you know what century you're in?"


four or five people laughed out loud and the dream ended there


qod 3.9

qos 3.5




a dream about e.t.'s and ufo's


it brought the reasons for people being so reluctant to talk about the evidence to the fore


upon waking the idea to do something more about the problem was considered


the thought of listing the film studios in the forefront of portraying aliens as killers over the years and coupling that info with their links to the oligarchs and the oligarch structure began to form...


qod 3.1

qos 3.3




embarrassment in dreams


was in a small accommodation with an oriental woman


i could tell she liked me and i leant forwards to give her a quick kiss


as soon as our lips touched i became ravenous and went into a full hard lip-press


she was taken aback for a moment but soon responded in a similar fashion


it was her who then went into overdrive and reached down and held onto me


i began pressing my pelvis into hers in an x rhythm


before i knew what had happened she loosened my clothing and hers and conjoined us


the sensations were as good as usual and this dream could have gone on to a natural conclusion but after half a minute or so another woman came from the right of me


it was a friend of the woman and she spoke to her in a casual way and the woman i was embracing began talking back to her in an equally relaxed manner


i was mortified


the situation got worse when a man's voice sounded at the back of me


i immediately stopped everything and re-dressed myself and went to the nearest corner of the room and buried my face in my hands


it was the most embarrassing moment of my life


i was thankful for the nth degree that the woman i was embracing hadn't let my trousers fall to the floor, that would have been the end of my own sense of respectability forever


i would never have been the same again


i kept my face hidden under my hands and was shaking my head and letting out the occasional sound of disbelief


the conversation between the three of them continued and it was obvious they had taken the situation in their stride


i had to get away but didn't want it to be an unsociable exit


i began waking and for some eight or so seconds i was still feeling the embarrassment to the extent that i ducked my head under the quilt to keep my face hidden


can't think of what the pde's were which brought this dream on


the chances are the origin of this dream is something much more subtle


qod 4.2

qos 4




secretive goings on


i had become accepted as a useful addition to a group of personnel who were part of a government "black ops" set-up


in one scene there were three operatives of imposing physical stature dressed in black and they looked like they could cause some serious problems


a meeting was set up in an isolated area and i arrived there with one of the operatives who was the spitting image of lou diamond phillips


we were waiting for someone and i was out of the car looking for them


a car sounded its horn and we both turned to see someone who wasn't part of the operation sitting in a maxi car


he had obviously deliberately drawn our attention to him and sat facing away from us indicating he didn't want us to approach him


the man i was with was seriously concerned


someone he didn't know was ahead of our game and must have known what was happening


i realised the man in the car was letting me know he was on my side


the man pulled away from his stationary position and waved his hand in an acknowledging way as passed by us


the operative was stunned


how could the man in the car possibly have known he would be there?


he was expressing his disbelief of the situation when the dream ended


qod 3.2

qos 4




an undressed young woman who looked like she had just got out of the bath moved closer to the camera of her computer clasped her hands and said "i'm looking for a firm relationship"


qod 3.9

qos 4




3rd sleep


i was in my mother's company


we were talking about an up and coming visit to relatives


the husband of my mother's younger sister was to be stopping with us but no mention was made of his wife


i exclaimed, "does that mean iris is dead?"


i woke from the dream at that point


i had sent but not received a christmas card last year


i thought one of them had died


at of this writing, i still don't know


qod 2.6

qos 3.3


2nd sleep


1st dream


in an auntie's house (g's)


x was in the air


someone said "in a while"


it became a while and i began looking for her


tried one or two rooms but couldn't find anyone


i went upstairs but still, there was no one anywhere


i shouted out something hoping she would answer


a sound from downstairs drew me back down


i opened a door and my mother was sitting on the toilet


she said "a bit later"


the dream ended


2nd dream


was walking from the bus stop back to where i was living (location 3)


i had a grey dog with me which was just out of the puppy stage (a real-life dog from 30 years back)


he didn't seem to want to walk so i picked him up


after a half a dozen steps he was struggling to get out of my arms


i put him back down again but he seemed to be having trouble moving


i thought he was ill


i bent to pick him up again and noticed a few blobs of poop near him and when i looked at him again he was letting it all go


doggy bags weren't compulsory back then and i began cursing to myself


i looked for something to put it in


there wasn't any paper to be seen


i was becoming impatient, this wasn't something i wanted to have to expend time and mental effort on


a plant with cabbage-sized leaves came into view which would do the job even better


all the poop went into one leaf and i dropped it into a drain


next scene


i was another forty or fifty metres closer to where i lived


there was a two-tone brown piece of wood which was about two inches square just ahead of me


i did a little shuffle to get myself into position to kick it onto a lawn a metre or two to my left


i put no more energy into the kick than was necessary to move it a metre or two but when i kicked it took off and went about thirty metres and nestled into a position in the wall which seemed to be made for it as it was symmetrical to the wall and complimented the colour of the wall


if that wasn't enough of a surprise when i told someone nearby what had just happened and drew their attention to it i noticed the wood had landed perfectly flush into a position in a gap between the first and third of three other similar brick-shaped objects which were there for decorative purposes


i said to the person "you couldn't do that again if you tried" and "it would take a million years to do that" and was thinking of what else to say when the dream ended


third dream


was on my own in what looked like the stoke area of location 2


i was walking along a busy row of shops in what seemed to be early evening


i was taking in the sights and sounds and then, for no apparent reason the scene of the dream changed


i was now in completely unfamiliar surroundings and i had a quilt wrapped around my unclothed body


the surroundings were spacious


apart from a building to my left it was a distant horizon in every direction


i was standing at the edge of what struck me as being the car park of a motorway cafe or the customer car-parking area of a small mall or except there were no vehicles


i saw a group of five women standing and talking about thirty metres away and walked towards them


as i approached them they began dispersing


the one who was closest to me was finishing her cigarette and walking away from me as i approached


i said "excuse me, i've lost my bearings. can you tell me what area i'm in?"


she said "america" and after a small hesitation, "you're not him"


i said, "not who?"


she said "moses"


in that moment the dream began to make sense


i said, "how about jesus?"


i walked to the door where she had walked through


to the left of that door was another door


i decided to go through that one and not the one the woman had walked through


it was the men's room


a man, 6 feet eight if he was an inch was facing the wall


i said, "do i look like a reasonable person?"


he said something with an american accent and i didn't understand a word of it but the tone of voice told me not o speak to him again


back out in the open i decided to go to a police station and let the police disprove my story that i had been abducted by good-guy aliens and put in america for a purpose


how were people going to be able to explain getting how i had got through customs, was in england the prior to appearing in a car park, point them to my website...?" this was going to be fun


qod 3.8

qos 3.8




a new category of dream


head/torso/arms/observer montage dreams: torso only, observer


this dream had about seven different picture sequences


they were all of women in the act of giving or receiving x


the man wasn't evident in any of the sequences, not so much as a finger


the two sequences which are most vividly remembered are of a young woman in the cowgirl position


her movements were what a girl enjoying dancing would be making


not backwards and forward but left to right sideways turning, more in the fashion of the "twist" dance


by complete contrast, there was a frail, pallid looking woman on her back who was totally unresponsive as the thrusts pushed her back


she was either in a deep sleep or dead


it is said that the mind thinks in extremes


this dream may have been the mind encapsulating all of the possible realities we can experience


not too difficult to assess what the Pde's of this dream was


a woman i spoke to in the street a few months back said that man think about sex every two seconds and i had been thinikng about her during the day


now there's a woman in need


qod 3

qos 3.2





first dream


two women were prepared to go to bed with me but were insisting they saw me without any clothes on first


i was explaining that they would see me when we got into bed when the dream ended


qod 2.8


second dream


i had an envelope stuffed with crisp, new twenty pound notes in it


there were anywhere between three and five thousand pounds in it


i was looking at the money and thinking things were starting to go my way when the dream ended


qod 3.7

qos 2.4




a ufo sighting on a street


someone saw the craft before me and drew my attention to it


the person who saw it first had moved out of the dream and i was getting ready to film the ufo it with a phone/camera


someone walked by and i told him there was a ufo in the sky and he looked for it but couldn't see it until i pointed it out to him


he in turned his faced the sky


two people looking skyward made more people stop and look


the dream ended as i was catching some good footage and one person asked me where he could see what i was filming...


qod 3.3

qos 2.9




first dream


was robbing a building


the security guards became alerted and came looking for me and they weren't the friendly type


i could hear the guards coming up the stairs


i tippy-toed at high speed out of the office i was in and ran up a flight of stairs that were a dead-end


i sat down with my back resting against the back of the wall looking straight down the stars ready to meet the gaze of the person who found me


i could hear the guards looking for me in the office from where i had just come from but they never looked up the flight of stairs where i was sitting


i deduced that since they knew the building and knew i couldn't have fled from the building by the stairs i was on, i must be somewhere else


i began to relax


it was now a matter of waiting for a change of the guards and bluffing my way out somehow


i was considering carrying on with the robbery when the dream ended


this dream is from watching a film where an act of espionage took place in a similar way


qod 2.6/7


second dream


a person was insisting that an astronaut, glen someone or someone glen, had done an e.v.a. without a spacesuit to avoid death


i couldn't persuade him it wasn't possible


next scene


there was a very narrow tube which a person could squeeze through that went from the inside of a space capsule to the outside


the conduit pipe was so small that the helmet of a spacesuit would have prevented a person from going into it


the astronaut managed to get into it and was just about to get out at the other end when the dream ended


this dream was vivid in every respect except for the temperature




third dream


two of us were sharing a computer at the same time and were not being very successful in getting things done


qod 2.6/7

qos 3.0




at a bank


three or four queues with about three, four or five people in each queue


the queues got bigger very quickly


another two tills opened and orderliness went out of the window as people began vying for the smallest queue


it turned into a pushing and shoving scramble


the dream ended as i was having an argument with another customer


qod 2.6

qos 2.9




possibly a new category of a dream... combining-consciousnesses montage dreams


3 dreams


both the first and second dream had one instance of undesirability


the first dream had the greatest degree of undesirability in it


i know the Pde which caused it


i could and should have acted calmly and reasonably


as with most of the undesirable content in my dreams, i put them there


qod 2.2


second dream


this was a combining-consciousnesses/montage dream


an x material dream

(unless stated otherwise each scene for all montage dreams is between half and one and a half seconds)


this is the second time an x material dream has been marred by a single scene


it may be because i tried to will greater intensity into the dream


apart from the one scene this was a very enjoyable dream and would have scored 3.8 to 4.2


qod 2.5


third dream


done something for someone connected with the university


a man from the university came to pay


he was pleased with whatever it was i done (can't remember what it was) and showed his appreciation with a very generous tip


in return, i gave him some flyers for a party


qod 3.5

qos 3




in town going from shop to shop on a child's scooter


the last shop in the dream had a half metre camber that started from a couple of metres inside of the store to the counter about 5 metres from where the slope began


there was a woman with her son in the shop who were standing just inside by the door


with a good push-off with my right leg i reckoned i could get enough momentum to go to the bottom of the slope to where the woman and her four or five-year child was


i pushed off began making the sound of an engine... phut, phut, phut which got slower as the speed of the scooter slowed on the way back up the incline


the very last phut coincided with me coming to a stop next to the child


qod 3.4

qos 3.3




back in prison


one of the screws didn't like me and decided he would "maul" me


he went to grab me around the neck but before he could get a good hold on me i managed to get my arm around his neck


we both had a neck hold on each other


he tightened his grip and started to put pressure on my neck so i applied pressure to his neck


he realised i could hurt him as much as he could hurt me and relaxed his grip but kept his arm tight around my neck


there were four or five other screws nearby and one of them, the alpha screw, came over to check out what was happening


to the alpha screw, what were doing was the equivalent of two 12-year-old boys playing about and he walked away unconcerned and slightly disgusted that two grown men could fight so timidly


qod 2.5

qos 3.3




one of the fe times in a prison dream when i've turned things to my advantage




2nd dream


my partner and i weren't on loving terms


there was a water leak which came from through the ceiling


it ruined the bed and our clothes


due mainly to my efforts i had the place habitable again fairly quickly


my partner (a real-life ex) became amenable to x


i took the under position and there followed a long period of activity


the feel of skin and lips felt like real-life sensations


qod 3.9

qos 4


1st dream


lost my bearings in the country


came across a 2-storey early revival classical building


the extensive lawns couldn't have been anymore immaculate


wandered around the grounds without going to the house


there wasn't anybody anywhere


the scene changed and was now still in the country but walking along a lane


a car stopped and asked for directions to bristol


i gave the driver directions and the dream ended with me wondering why i hadn't asked the driver for a lift


qod 3

qos 4




astonishing visual dreams


the opening sequence of this dream started with a man from india pointing to his mobile phone and talking excitedly to another man


i looked at the screen of the phone and could see that every time he refreshed the page the view-count increased by a hundred or more


it was a short video of a u.f.o.


he was so excited by the number of views he was getting i couldn't see the u.f.o. film because he was refreshing the page every other second to see the new view-count


i held my left arm out so he could see my wrist watch


it was the latest in technology which streamed the view count just above the picture area


the number was changing so fast it wasn't possible to see the last number


he shouted up to one or two people on a balcony in a building fifty metres away "one point seven million"


i said "i think its going viral in india or china"


then there were five to seven short scenes with astonishing content


only two can be clearly recollected as this is being written


one was of two dogs playing and communicating to one another and had facial expressions that were recognisable in humans (have just remembered what the Pde was which laid the foundation for this segment dream )


the last one was a man who had trained a large maggot to dance on the tip of his tongue to any type of dance he could represent with sounds with his mouth open


the dream ended while the maggot was dancing the hula hula


qod 4.0





the Pde's, in this case, it was the pde's of the previous two or three days, which caused the content of this dream up to and including the scene of my wrist watch are remembered


the point to ponder is why it triggered the sequences that followed


you may think this is stretching the Roney analysis a bit too far


wonders currently beyond your imagination will be normal in 1 ^? Undulations and in the future of this undulation




was living with a real-life ex-girlfriend who went homosexual on me


she sked me to leave


i wasn't going without a fight and said i "i'll be gone by friday"


she wasn't ecstatic about it but reluctantly agreed




could explain the Pde's which caused this dream but the people involved shouldn't be mentioned


qod 2.4

qos 2.7




an average looking young woman exuding an air of slight despondency is waiting to pay for her shopping


something unexpectedly good would make a world of difference


within moments of the young woman paying for her clothes a telephone rang


the woman at the till picks up the phone, looks at the woman and then asks her if she would stand to one side for a moment because someone is coming to see her


the young woman is now despondent and worried


not too long after a handsome suit appears with a smile on his face


the young woman is bemused, people aren't usually smiling when they're delivering bad news


the suit says hello and introduces himself as a rep of the company


"you're our seventh millionth customer"


the young woman senses something special is happening


the suit continues... "the shop would like you to select a head-to-toe outfit and leave the store wearing it"


the woman buys a luxuriously soft black leather suit, a blouse, a tan woollen hat, a shoulder bag and black ankle boots


someone suggests a new line of boots which have just come in but aren't on display


the young woman falls in love with them


they are back ankle boots with a subtle tan pattern


she isn't charged for the clothes she bought


she's ready to leave and the rep says "we'de like you to come back in a few days and select the most elegant clothes you can find for an evening out with one our office staff from the head office


she doesn't know it but it is a man she will fall in love with


the overhead view of the young woman walking away from the store showed a woman with the gait of someone with a new lease on life


qod 3.9

qos 3.1




i've fallen into the trap of trying to abbreviate dreams and dream theory


from Its Inception it was realised it was going to be big in terms of volume, that it would turn out to have such huge implications wasn't realised at all


the first "happy" realisation was that it could be used to bring Soul Partners together


it was while making yet another entry in Types of Dreams a year or thereabouts ago it was felt that types of dreams was becoming too big and its sheer size would put people off delving into it


this dream, because it opens a new category of types of dreams, altruistic dreams, has made me realise... dreams and dreams theory it is meant to be big


bringing Soul Partners together may turn out to be the most complicated endeavour we ever have to embark upon


note... don't think, would-be deceivers, you can bluff your way into getting other people to believe you're someone other than who you are by making up dreams which suggest you are a super duper person which pairs you up with a superwoman and expect to find yourself in the arms of the latest winner of the miss world contest


the days of the bullshitters are coming to an end quicker than you think




x dream with...


qod 3.3

qos 2.9




1st sleep


this is the second time in a week this exact dream has occurred


am at the computer trying to scroll down the messages section of Devon Atlantic


someone has posted a comment and i'm frantically trying to reply before the person who posted the comment loses patience and leaves the website


the circumstance of me not seeing a posted message until after the person has left the page happens more often than not


in the dream, the messages box scrolls down so far but then jumps back to the top


i wake from the dream feeling frustrated


qod 2.8

qos 3.4




2nd sleep


in an oppressive society, again


this theme is a recurring theme because my thoughts are constantly arriving at the point when they lead to the understanding that the gateway to the future remains closed because of the secretive, cliquey, conspiratorial mindset of the Organised Killers and a reluctance by people not in direct league with the organised killers and consider themselves free and clear of all murderous content but are in fact very clearly living a lifestyle which is not free of murder (Ethical Parameters) ...in some cases this is true


this grey area is muddying an otherwise clear understanding of who's who and it is leading to stray thoughts and producing a low-quality dream


from my point of view, it is very simple


a person who speaks the truth doesn't become enmeshed in untruths and doesn't find themselves giving a compromised version of events in their answer to questions which would clearly point to the people mentioned on the start page of Endic.at


the web of deceit used by the organised killers is spelt out at this website so a person can give a straightforward answer, which reveals the people causing the problems when the question of why injustices still prevail when a future of unimaginable happiness is ours for the asking


i've still yet to hear a person say that the stumbling block to health and happiness are the people highlighted on the Start Page


the nod and a wink and the tacit approach to the knowledge being presented at this website is akin to the secret societies of this world like the masons using special handshakes


don't you see that the secretive approach is exactly the thing we're struggling to overcome?


when you say it like it is it weakens the structure of the organised killers


until people start saying what's wrong with the way things are in clear unmistakable language my stray thoughts will continue to give rise to low-quality dreams


qod 2.5

qos 3.3





2nd sleep, 1st dream


pulled a prank on a one-time friend


2nd dream


went to arnie's gym and asked for his opinion on how much weight to use doing upright rowing with a dumbell


qod's 3.4 to 3.8

qos 4


2nd sleep, second dream


pillion passenger on a fast motorbike


qod 3;6

qos 3.8




an unusual and intriguing little dream


it was a cinematic-type presentation of a bedroom scene


the large, elegant and big bed almost filled the screen


the colours were pastel whites, cream and pink


every one or two seconds the scene changed and on one occasion the bed morphed and became a functional working surface


there were about eight or ten different changes the bed went through


the colours were consistently the three mentioned above


no people, no sounds, just a presentation of the different character a bed could assume


haven't got the foggiest inkling of where the theme for this dream came from


an unusual and intriguing little dream


qod 4.2

qos 3.8


the last entry for this month was in keeping with the feel-good factor in every dream for the last week


the feel-good factor comes from keeping Stray thoughts under control




every dream since the last entry has been a feel-good dream


this dream was the best of them and may have significance


for my reference... 1996... banking collapse...


qod 4.1

qos 3.8




first dream


not in prison but in a repressive society which had the feel of being enclosed within it (not unlike the one we're in)


a person who done the dirty on me twenty years ago said he could get me some good blow and to meet him later on


i suspected he intended to get violent at the behest of someone else (twenty years ago he stole a hand-held computer from me and that was on the orders of someone else)


i took a one-punch knockout tough guy with me just to be sure


sure enough, he started getting nasty and was getting ready to pounce


the tough guy, not an aggro-merchant, was a deceptivley small and the person who was about to get violent dismissed him as not being an obstacle to doing what he was going to do


the tough guy tried to reason with the man but the aggro merchant was going to mash me up and enjoy himself doing it and if it meant "sorting out" someone else first that suited him fine


the small tough guy knocked him out after he took one step toward him


next scene/dream?


was back in an enclosed space with the oppressive feeling present again


someone i didn't know offered me a joint


immediately after the first drag a wave of pleasure washed over me and lingered for a while when i awoke


qod 4.2

qos 3.6




it should be mentioned that the sensation of pleasure* in this dream has only ever accompanied smoking marijuana once, the very first time


it is this person's experience that natural pleasures far exceed drug induced pleasures


*new entry pleasure



next dream


was in the bathroom having a close wet shave getting spruced up for a hot date


my mum and dad were also going out and he was in the living room with his shirt off waiting for me to come out of the bathroom so he could go in


with good humoured sarcasm, he said he said something along the lines of "whatever you do it's not going to make much difference"


i said "women like a man with a smooth face but you wouldn't know about that"


my mother laughed a little and he came into the bathroom to deliver his counter-punch-line face to face


qod's 2.4 to 4

qos 4




can't pinpoint what caused the feel-good factor in these dreams


was feeling decidedly groggy all day


the wave of pleasure in the second dream was the most pleasure in a dream for a quite a while


may have been the sugary supper or a more determined effort at the computer to highlight the need to make Disclosure a reality




went for a job in a hotel which i had worked before


the person who interviewed me was very friendly and without knowing if i got the job or not he asked me to write down my phone number and threw a clip of money oh the table and walked out of the dream


was still trying to figure out what i was supposed to do when dream finished




was in a very spacious, cavernous, environment


it had a lake/sea that stretched as far as i could see


i was friends with a small whale and we were talking


a spinosaurus appeared began chasing us


it caught up with us and we were trapped in an enclosed area with no chance of escape


spinosaurus attacked the small whale-shaped fish first and broke its back by slamming it on a ridge of rock


spinosaurus ate just a mouthful or two of the whale-shaped fish and looked at me and let me know i would be eaten later and got back into the water and swam away


qod 2.2

qos 2 to 3




talking to a fish-shaped animal is something out of a child fantasy story


applying the Roney Analysis to this dream is difficult


it could be a past, present or future Undulation


an answer could be that since there was no talking in this dream it is an actual event which occurred at a time of a past Undulation when i was a fish like the one in the dream


this concept answers so many oddities in dreams it might just be true





another can't-put-my-finger-on-what-produced-this-dream dream


and another highly unusual one


it was a combining-consciousnesses-montage dream


a montage* of about a dozen clips of one and a half seconds or less in full colour with movement and extremely vivid


the first eight or nine image sequences seemed as though they came naturally, after the seventh, eighth or ninth image the qualitative nature of the pictures diminished as the will to form another picture became more difficult


the last one which was a bit of an effort to make materialise was scary


the images all had the same theme... human skin


there was creased skin, puckered skin, rounds of skin, folded skin, vaginal skin, belly-button skin, eyelid skin...


if it wasn't for the last image this would have been a 2.6 qod


qod 2.5

qos 2.8


i'm attributing the low quality of this sleep to the circumstance of pushing myself to stay awake for a couple of hours after feeling tired


*new entry montage dreams




not sure where the origins for this dream lie


not even sure why it is being made into an entry


it was so unusual "something" is prompting me to make a note of it


this dream was a single, short, think-read dream


it was a letter, from a woman


the style of writing was unlike anyone's i've ever seen


it starts... i live in a little...



will leave it at that


qod 4

qos 4






the quality of sleep have become markedly better over the last four of five days, 4's and 4+'s


not sure whether it's due to being more active than usual (have resumed walking a couple of kilometres regularly along with doing deep knee bends [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmWdd6BwNXY] ) or it's because have stopped drinking water out of the tap and am drinking bottled water)


it could also be because for the last few days have been going to the toilet for a no.2 regularly


it was thought that not going to the toilet was a sign that my diet was relatively free of needing to rid itself of waste


currently, the thinking is all waste or unused food should be dispelled within twenty-four hours




this dream looked like it was set in the flat where i'm living


first scene


i got up from where i was sitting in the living room to go to another room and could see through the glass door of the kitchen a girl and man kissing


the male i recognised immediately as someone i was friends with for a couple of decades until about ten years ago


the man had his back against the wall and woman, whose face i couldn't see, was leaning into him


next scene


i came out of the bathroom and the woman, who i now could see was a professional care worker i was in contact with until a year or two back, was standing there smiling


she asked me to account for some money she had been giving to me for me to use for charitable causes


she implied i had spent the money on myself and was now trying to coyly coax me into admitting it


she nestled into me putting her face against mine and she began asking questions between kisses and caresses


it didn't take long to realise that accounting for the money was secondary to her desire for her obvious enjoyment of woman/man feelings


i woke up between kisses to hear myself saying "nothing improprietous happened with the money"


the enjoyment on my part was substantial and i began forming the images of what i wanted to experience into the dream and recommenced the dream


i was aware as the dream continued that the content of the resumed dream was a mixture of my will and timeless-conscious




the reason this entry is because we need to elaborate or expand our understanding of the types of consciousness


to fulfil our comprehension of the conscious states we have to introduce the idea of a third type of consciousness


time-conscious and timeless-consciousness are now joined by "combining consciousnesses"




i knew what is was she really wanted and began alluding to it...


pleasure-seeking, procreational pleasure and collective love pleasure (the difference between corporeal pleasure and collective love pleasure [the time when composing the picture for wholly empathetic and an insight into the character of collective love ] )



the heavenly state is in no way comparable to anything we are experiencing her and now


the thought is emerging that the reason so many beings do not get to heaven is because the reality of being part of the infinite overwhelms them


it is not a state which can be bested with determination


it is not a force of mind or body which will orient a being to the infinite


perhaps the best approach is to recognise the insignificance of ourselves when considered within the context of an infinite scenario be it a size or numerical comparison




this dream is a mishmash of two dreams


woke up after dreaming it, went back to sleep and dreamt more or less the same dream again


the elements of this dream...


a car that was the ultimate driver-responsive car which could adapt its ability to move as the mood of the driver changed and was people-aware to boot


was in the car in a mall and wanted to go up a floor


the car changed its shape and size and adapted to my mood


i was relaxed with my right arm stretched across the top of the passenger seat


the car reflected my mood and got on the elevator and responded to my desire to get alongside a young woman a few steps ahead of me


the car could keep still even when the wheels were half-way between one step and the next


when i was abreast of the female i asked her if she would like to come with me


she was amenable but said she had to do something first




there were lots of scenes in this dream but i left it too late after waking to write it down and the details faded


have slipped out of the habit of putting the voice recorder under the pillow and making notes of dreams after waking and forgot the most of the dream


qod 3.7





was in holland trying to feed a camera stream from a mobile phone back to another mobile phone where i live


the mobile phone in england was receiving the signal and relaying it to the computer screen which was sending it out over the internet


the signal from holland needed a description for the mobile networks to recognise it


being in a hurry to get things up and running, part of the signal description was fictionalised and it had the result of addressing me as a bottle of fluid when people watching the stream read the production credits of the originators of the programme


was still trying to resolved how to re-describe the credits to show the feed was coming from a person and not a bottle when i woke up




this dream came from a month of pondering of how to do an outside live broadcast without having to spend thousands on equipment and programmes, something which is still being thought about


the problem is the computer is picking up the signal from the phone but the streaming programme isn't recognising the phone-camera stream


as it stands the only solution is a muchos dineros




shenanigans at the sprints


the current world record holder was a full four one-hundredths of a second faster than the third faster sprinter in the world but the third faster sprinter was coming into form


the second faster sprinter was in form and had just shaved two one-hundredths of a second off his best time which brought him to within one one-hundredth of a second of the title-holders record


the second fastest sprinter felt he could up his game and win


the race took place and the second faster sprinter did win the race and broke the world record by one one-hundredth and improving his previous best time by two one-hundredth's of a second in the process


the previous world record holder lodged a complaint that he was obstructed by the man who won


a review of the tape did indeed show that he had been obstructed by the winner


the replay showed the winner had touched the swinging arms of the man who came second twice


the complaint was overruled because both men had kept their feet in the lanes


even though both men had run legally they were close enough to each other for an obstruction to take place


scrutinising the replay of the race i detected that the man who won the race was closer to the edge of his lane than the other man was and was more likely to get in the way of the man who came second


unfortunately, the man who had come second had allowed himself to be drawn into the physical tussle


the man who came third had run the fastest race of his life and had knocked one one-hundredth of a second off his previous best time


the pre-race comments did convey a determination-to-win-no-matter-what attitude by the man who did win and there was no doubt in my mind he had planned to win by legal obstruction if he had to




as a teen i came up against a sprinter at school who told me his father, who was a professional sprinter, had used these tactics to win in some of his races


extending the width of the lanes would overcome this bit of dastardliness


while we're at it when are we going to keep the 4 x 400-metre sprinters in lanes for the entire race


the unholy mess of people passing the baton just doesn't reflect the work of an organised mind (perhaps an eight hundred metre track is the answer)


further, wouldn't it be more exciting to see the world records in the long jump and triple jump being extended on a regular basis by increasing the depth of the take-off board and allow the jumpers to take off at their top sprinting speed


qod 3.4

qos 3.9





3rd sleep


in the shower and thoroughly enjoying it


qod 3.3

qos 3 3



2nd sleep: three dreams


3rd dream


was at home when in-laws phoned and asked how to get a programme off the computer


i asked them if they knew where the programs and features were and they said they didn't


i was about to tell them to click the start symbol when it occurred to me they may not know what the start symbol is


i was about to say "what browser are you using?" when i realised i didn't mean to say browser but operating system but if the knew what an operating system was then it was more than likely they would know where the programs and features was, which they didn't


i woke up to hear myself finishing the sentence "restart the computer and tell me what you see on the screen when it comes back on"


qod's 3.5 to 3.8

qos's 3.2 to 4.1




there's no doubt in my mind that computers are altogether too difficult to use in an intuitive way


and not being able to use question marks, commas, quote marks etc. for naming documents and folders is an organiser's nightmare


computer language has hijacked the spoken language when the spoken language should be king


we can start to think about re-programming computers to serve the language and not the other way around


give us back the question mark, the comma, the hyphen, the forward slash, quote marks...




longest dream...


was in a space inside a room or tent


there were a dozen or more people seven or eight metres away singing along and moving to the music


they were all wearing a soft/light blue head-to-toe garment that was loosely fitting and with an excess of material (loose the toggles and bring the lower part of the hood to chin height and this is the nearest to the style of the clothing in the dream - http://en.modanisa.com/hooded-dress--purple--everyday-basic-207965.html - )


the music in this dream was the result of hearing music i came across the previous day and hadn't heard before and realised that music will always carry the uniqueness of the characteristic's of the person who originated it


is the eventual outcome of the mechanics of the Roney analysis that the time-conscious and the timeless-conscious becomes a seamless stream of memory i.e. because the decisions we take always lead us to straight line action does our free will become an adherence to dreams and awake precognitive recognitions?




on board an american flagship which was the heart of an envoy at the tipping point at a crucial point of world politics


the ship was relaying the latest developments in the negotiations to the world's mainstream media via its onboard p.a. system


two men had tapped into the broadcast and were relaying a skewed version of what was happening to the world


i stumbled onto them during one of their messages and they knew it was all over for them


in the next scene, there were few hundred men, extremely well groomed and wearing two-tone grey uniforms which were very becoming, relaxing in the ships mess which was a giant half-round amphitheatre


i had a portable miniature sound system which fitted into a backpack and it was capable of filling the area we were in with impressively clear and loud sounds


i was dying to use it and impress the hell out of the crew and gain immediate popularity


i was quizzed about its specifications but didn't know the answers


the dream ended here and i woke up to the sound of my own voice saying "i'm not familiar with the technical side of things"


qod 3.7

qos 4




dirty drug-dealing


double-cross, murder by knife, murder by gun, cars full of money


most if not all of the contents of this dream came from watching programmes with the contents of this dream in them


those of you with children are advised to steer them away from violent programmes


qod 2.5

qos 2.3




two sleeps


four dreams


the first dream was an Epic


as with previous epics the stand-out feature was the character of the men and in this case the features of their faces


only rarely, once in every ten years or so, do i see a face that resembles one of the faces in these dreams


these faces attract our attention


the last time was about seven years ago


it wasn't just me who found the face intriguing


i could tell from the way other people were giving him prolonged glances they were trying to understand what it was about him they found captivating


don't remember seeing a face like the ones being described here in a film


applying the Roney analysis to this dream in the light of the Picture Pages suggests that these type of facial features go with the earliest period of mammal man's evolution


the third dream was, in some ways, the complete opposite of the epic dream


the faces of the women in the dream looked brand new with smooth skin and could be considered good-looking but without features that were easy to describe


two women discovered they were about four months pregnant and had decided to share me


as i was on my way out i looked back and could see one of the women was scantily dressed and was revealing one of her breasts as she was reclining on a sofa oozing with desire


it was an enticing circumstance which caused me to stop


there was something which had to be done and i had to go but after a few more steps away from the building i stopped and looked back and could see the two women were... x material... there is a reason why pregnant woman feel the need to experience x when they are pregnant...


again applying the Roney analysis to this dream it is either a glance into the future of this Undulation or a scene from the future of a past undulation




two periods of sleeps, two dreams


qod's 3 to 3.5

qos's 3.2 to 3.9




a dream about efficiency


this dream reflected the ability to organise and get things done and how fast things could happen when given the scope to assume responsibility


qod 3.7

qos 3.9




it's been a while since the last baby dream


this was a delightful dream about babies and toddlers


humour and laughter


qod 4.3

qos 3.7




stages of growth:


baby: not yet able to crawl

infant: able to crawl

toddler: from first steps to stable walking

child: talking/running


qod 3.7

qos 3.9




2 periods of sleeps - 5 dreams


qod's 2.5 to 3.7

qos's 3 to 3.9




second sleep


in a house sitting on a couch with three young girls


the youngest was 4 or 5 the next youngest was 6 or 7 and the eldest was 8 or 9


they wanted to give me something and i held out my hand


the eldest of the girls put coins on the palm of my hand


i had been given two, three or four farthings, two three or four half-pennies and one penny (the farthings are an old denomination of coin here in britain)


i said, "what are these for?"


the eldest girl said "you said to us if you each give me a penny you'll be mine"


the girls left the couch


i was looking at the coins and remembering what i had said to the girls that caused them to take me literally


i had spoken those words on a previous visit


they had been spoken in a semi-serious tone but it was a light-hearted quip


the girls had taken it to heart and wanted to let me know they wanted to be mine


i sat there contemplating the uncomplicated simplicity of the character of children and the minefield which is the actual world we live in and the frustration caused my emotional composure to crack and i began crying


the mother of the girls asked me what was wrong


can't recall what i said to her but i woke up as i was saying it (externalised dream)


the tears were still coming when fully awake




you know people, if you take the character of a child and instil in her/him an acutely profound sense of right and wrong and then put those two things in a fully grown adult you have a beacon of evolution


applying the Roney Analysis to this dream... this dream will become reality at this time of earthly evolution in a far-off undulation but there won't be any crying


there are at least four or five families i have been acquainted with this Undulation who fit the bill and who could be in that far-off undulation


what a great end to last months' dreams and a great start to this months' dreams


qod 4

qos 3.8




first sleep


qod's 3.7

qos 3.5




qod 3

qos 3.2




qod 3.3

qos 3.6




qod 3.3

qos 4




qod 3.8

qos 3.5




qod 3.4

qos 3.9