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the perfect driver, almost

my dad was a professional driver but...

was with dad in the car at the last corner of the road about a hundred metres from the house

at this moment in the dream the memory of what was going to happen kicked in, i had been in this exact situation before

he would bring the car to a stop on the opposite side the road

he would then pull the handbrake up before turning the engine off and when he turned the engine off the car would lurch forward slightly

back in the dream... the car had stopped and dad pulled up the handbrake

the car not only lurched forward, as in the memory, but began to slip forward due to it being on a downgrade so he had to turn the engine back on and reverse back a bit, which wasn't in the memory

when he was back into the place where he wanted to be in the first place he pulled up the handbrake, turned the engine off and the car jumped gently forward a few centimetres

i said, in a dry and slightly sarcastic tone, something along the lines of... "one of these days it will occur to you to turn the engine off before pulling up the handbrake" 


vividness 2.9 - participant - the category of the dream: deja vu in a dream (1) in a car (1)


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