dreams diary


the name of the dream:

think-writing uses lots of calories

after think-writing, in two separate scenes, a succinct summation of eight or ten lines expressing my reasons for being anti-semetic i then began organising a meal for a group of people

notes 1

this dream was the brought about after coming across a Picture of an Orthodox Jew Talking to Putin which carried the caption "putin's handler" and caused me to think my previously held view, that semites don't have any meaningful influence in russia, was wrong 

notes 2

this website believes memories and consciousness are the same thing

because the memories of think-write dreams are more lucid than the memories of text that is composed while in awake-time, it raises again the hot topic/contention that the dream-time memory/conscious is more sophisticated/superior than the awake-time memory/conscious and it becomes the dominant form of consciuosness way off into the future

examples of think-writing





vividness 4 - participant - the category of the dream: think-write (5+) anti-semitism (1)


the name of the dream: the "show off"

in the high street of a city

a five or six-piece assault course had been erected for the general public

it may have been a recruitment drive for one of the armed forces but i got the impression it was just for fun

of the five or six pieces of apparatus, one was a two-and-a-half metre knotted rope that dangled from a Monkey Bar

i thought it would be a fun thing to do and gave it a "go"

when my feet were on the second knot i could put my weight through my feet which enabled me to reach down and pick up the slack of the rope below my feet with my left hand and use the first knot to take some of my weight by gripping the rope under the armpit of my right arm and resting some of my weight against the knot

now i could distribute my weight through both my feet and upper-body

in a show of sheer exhibitionism i let go with my left hand and adopted a sitting, reclining position, turned to my left and waved at the people below me

i felt it necessary to do something different and "showy" on the monkey bars as well

instead of looking forward as moving forward i faced sideways in a narrow "crucifixion" position, let go with my left hand and swung my body around and grabbed the next bar so now my back was showing to the front

i was the epitome of lithe strength

all that was missing was a fanfare


vividness 3 - participant - the category of the dream: strength (3+) assault course (1) amusement (1)


the name of the dream: money, fish and food

the first theme, had been tricked into being an accomplice and stealing money from a bank

i didn't know who it was

whoever it was knew me well enough to know that i knew the people who worked in the bank and that they trusted me enough to let me into the premises before opening the doors for business first thing in the morning and make a cup of tea for everybody

i didn't remember taking any money

everybody believed me when i said i didn't know who was behind it

devised a plan to let whoever it was who used me to take the money think i could be duped into doing another scam for them by using some expensive equipment of mine as collateral for a loan

the second theme, walking along a very narrow path that ran along the side of a canal

there were three or four men fishing

they were evenly spread over a thirty-metre distance

the water was clear enough to see the fish

the fish was a long, slim-bodied fish that looked like pike (the stand-out part of this theme of the dreams)

i spoke to the last one of the group; he wasn't having much luck

asked him for a rod and a reel and the smallest float he had

the water was so clear it occurred to me if we could see them they could see us and if i could find a spot where i could not be seen by the fish they were more likely to go for the bait

the man i asked for the fishing tackle said "why not, you've done one miracle. there's no reason why you can't do another"

didn't know what he was referring to

the third theme, a man who wanted a divorce on the grounds his wife wasn't making his meals as good as she used to

she was obviously peeved about something

her side of the story hadn't been revealed before the dream ended


vividness 3 to 4 - participant first and second dream, observer third dream - the category of the dream multi-themed dream (8+) money () fishing (1+) divorcing couples (1+)