dreams diary 1


the name of the dream: michievous me

there was a festival going on in town

there was an awful lot of drinking considering it wasn't a beer festival

"bikers" had made it their festival

they were the type of bikers who wore denim jackets without sleeves regardless of the weather

they liked a good laugh, especially if it were at someone else's expense and doubly so if it were the law or a "straight" guy

one of the bikers was someone i'd known back in the day

he fancied himself as a tough guy even back then but at least you could have a laugh about ordinary things with him

decided to spread a rumour that he used to be friends with a cop

it was tantamount to blasphemy in biker circles... does he still know the cop ?

it didn't take long for me to emerge as the culprit

i'd stepped over the "line" and he'd have to do something

what he wasn't going to do me when he got hold of me was nobody's business

he got close to me a couple of times but he wasn't subtle enough to catch me

not sure what he'd have done to me if he got his hands on me

depending on his mood, it could be anything from a "gentle" roughing up to a broken arm

the danger still wasn't over when the dream ended


vividness 3 - participant - the category of the dream: festivals (3+) bikers (1)


notes 1