dreams diary 1


the name of the dream: big, bigger and biggest

it is nighttime and i am walking along minding my pwn business

gradually i become aware of people behind me and getting closer

there are two young men two or three metres behind me

one of them is my size and the other is substantially bigger and heavier than me

the look on their faces tells me they intend to harm me

next scene, the bigger of the two is being hit in the face and head-butted by another man who is substantially bigger than he is

in the next scene, a man in a white suit, who is shorter than the biggest man in the last scene and is as broad as it's possible to be without looking deformed, is hitting the man in the last scene in the throat

notes 1

not sure what to make of this dream, possibly extremes of thinking in the pde's


vividness 2.9 to 3.2 - participant (first scene) observer - the category of the dream: violence (8+) males (6+)


notes 1