dreams diary 1


the name of the dreams: 

anyone for space-travel?, a little white mouse

a little white mouse

at home

a little white mouse, a young, little white mouse scampers into view

the mouse becomes transfixed a couple of metres away

with the aid of the zoom-in faculty of the dream-state, it is possible to see what it is that has captured her/his attention

it is a little brown pile of something

another zoom-in allows me to idendify what it is

it is a pile of poop

her/his nose can be seen twitching as it tries to decide what to do

the mouse mouse turns and retreats from it

the dreamer deduces the mouse is hungry and settles on getting the mouse hot milk and bread

was mustering the will to get out of bed and get the mouse the food when he woke

hope the mouse found something to eat

anyone for space-travel

at a football match

it was the semi-final

the match was between plymouth and ?

the staduim holds one-hundred-thousand people (staand-out visual)

a voice comes over the tannoy

it is the voice of the actor who played roj blake in the t.v. series blakes 7

he says he has a ship which can transport people off-world and asks if anyone wants to come

there were a couple more scenes but they were muffled on the voice recorder

sorry about that

this vivid sound and visual dream suggests a future time-tense

there's hope for plymouth yet


addenda: vividness 3 to 4 - observer - the category of the dream: two-themed dream () animals () mice (2+) football (2+) celebrities () gareth thomas (1)

notes 1



vividness 3 - observer - the category of the dream: topical () coronavirus conspiracy ()