dreams diary 1


the name of the dream:

subjugation and war

a rare black and white dream

first theme

about a dozen people are standing in a line

they are to be hosts for an alien race who are using them as incubators (alien race could be alien in the sense of interplanetary or race as in ethnic)

there was an air of resignation in this scene

second theme

the viewpoint is looking up an incline of a broad street with houses on both sides

dozens of people are coming over the brow of the hill

they are fleeing from artillery fire

for the few seconds this scene lasted, there were about six or eight explosions visible on the other side of the hill

notes 1

the first dream is the result of thinking about the insidious nature of the jewish plan to mix their ethnicity with the caucasian ethnicity
(see the The Secret of Communism)


vividness 3 - observer - the category of the dream: black and white (3+) subjugation (3+) war (4+)


notes 1