dreams diary 1


the name of the dream: the office job

the first day in a new job working in an office

the office wasn't anybody's idea of what an office looks like

the room was square or rectangular

it had adjoining bench-seat against two walls

each bench-seat could seat three or four people

a computer at each workspace

there are two girls on both bench-seats

make my way to the nearest free space

in the next scene, there is just three of us

the seating space between each worker was tight

so tight that the shoulders of the two girls and mine were touching

the girl on the left is wearing a black shoulderless dress with straps

the girl on the right is wearing a loose white jacket

stretching out my arms place my hands on the furthest shoulder of the girls

there is a moments pause before i say, "two attractive girls sitting next to me. i like this job"

start speaking to the girl on my left

out of the corner of my eye, i see the right hand of the girly on the right moving to my crotch

when her hand is full of me she begins gently massaging me

woke from the dream

notes 1

the more than usual number of x dreams of late leads me to think about the x drive built into us

it is, of course, the god-instilled qualitative feeling of what would otherwise be an indifferent experience

you've got to amazed beyond belief to realise that the time between the reproductive ("expansive" is the correct word) act in heaven is far exceeded by the recoprocating motions of individuals, pairs and groups while traversing the straight-line

all of us will come to acknowledge the overwhelming advantages accompanying the sacrificially-creative act of the big bang

our Local Space environment will always be the same

it will always be the same galaxy

it will always be the third planet from the sun

it will always have a moon

the earth will always have the amount of water

one of the things that will be different is the amount of time we spend enacting straight-line-action

it is, and always will be, increasing

so much so, that the amount of time we spend traversing the straight-line this undulation (estimated at one raised to the eighty-third-thousandth power (1^83) will become one to the eighty-third-thousandth-millionth-billionth-trillionth (1^83 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000000) years further on into endlessness

let's hear for the lover

see also Noteworthy Notes

vividness 3 .3 participant and observer - the category of the dream: work () offices (2+)

vividness 3.1 - participant - the category of the dream: music ()


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