dreams diary 2


the name of the dreams: big men

the first dream is happening at a function or exhibition

even with of thousands of people in it, the giant auditorium looked half-empty

yours truly is compere for the event

standing at the edge of the floor with a microphone in hand, while everybody else is seated

the first celebrity is the four-times winner of the world's strongest man competition Magnús Ver Magnússon

had watched him earlier on in the day when he practised his demonstration of strength and agility

after gaining enough momentum, he vaulted through a half-turning somersault and landed facing backwards

his strength and speed enabled him to do another three back somersaults without having to adjust his balance

what made his exercise extra special was the three vaults were done through an arc of one-hundred-and eighty degrees (stand-out visual)

in the second dream, the dreamer is visiting his auntie iris in yorkshire

she owns a shop

she treats me to a pair of brushed, brown trousers

the trousers have flecks of white on them

auntie i fetches a clothes brush and begins brushing the bits off

it was known to me that she and her husband were no longer in a relationship although they still lived under the same roof

the possibility of us having a relationship had been alluded to before this part of the dream

while brushing the trousers she runs her free hand around my crotch

it is an obvious suggestion of what we'll being together later

at that exact moment uncle eddie, her husband, walks into the dream

he has changed out of all recognition

whereas he was five-feet-nine before, he is six-feet-five now

his face was smooth and clean before, now it is etched with dark lines from his forehead to his mouth

it looked like he had just finished a shift down a coal mine

his eyes though were shining bright with life and his face was animated (stand-out visual)

his hair was short before, now, coincidentally? it is curled up at the back and is much thicker and longer than magnus ver's is now

he can see it is a semi-intimate moment

he is unconcerned and doesn't pay any heed to my comment "it is not what it looks like"

i say, "you don't remember me do you ?"

he said, "yes, you're lil's son"

the dream ends

notes 1

the trend of dreams not being generated by the Pde's appears to be coming commonplace


vividness 3 to 3.8 - observer and spectator - the category of the dream: larger than life men () magnuss ver magnussen (1) uncle eddie (1)

notes 1