dreams diary 2


the name of the dream:


was sharing a room with a few other people

the room was a cheap two-night sleep-over close to a music festival

i had been there two days and was due to leave that day

the day before one of the other guests in the room had borrowed a pound from me

i had just woken up and was watching the young man who had borrowed the money

he was getting ready to go out for the day and this was the last time we would see each other

i quipped something along the lines of, "if only i had a pound, what a wonderful world it would be"

the young lad dug into his pocket and pulled out two fifty-pence coins

he flipped one of them to me across the room, a distance of three metres

he deliberately aimed it too far to my left

with the deftness of a wicket-keeper i casually stretched out my left arm and the coin felt flat into the palm of my hand

referring to to the other coin i then said, "why don't you roll it along the floor this time"

my skill of catching the first coin was matched by his skill of rolling the coin toward me but at a distance just far enough away to my left which made the coin just out of reach

as soon as it was realised that the coin was beyond my already fully stretched out body i rolled over, and again with my left hand and with the deftness of a magician, plucked the coin off the floor with my thumb and forefinger

i then said to the other person, "at the festival, you'll hear the song 'I Lift My Cup', it's a really good track"

i woke up and was figuring out how i could get the d.j. at the festival to play the track before midnight that night


vividness 3 to 3.3 - participant - the category of the dream: money (15+) coins (8+)