dreams diary 2


the name of the dreams: 

the girl on a bench, aunt grace, the horses' field, x dream, robert and me

the girl on a bench

a girl was sitting down to my left

the writer was standing next to her

it was going to be our first kiss

leant over and put my left hand on her left shoulder

as she was turning to face me, timed it so that my face would be close to hers when she was fully turned

knowing that her face would automatically turn upwards to look at me

our lips touched before our eyes met

didn't have the feeling that i knew her

her lips were full lips with only a little difference in size between the top and bottom lip

my lips seemed to sink into hers

an involuntary surprised sound of pleasure escaped from my mouth as our lips lost contact

this kiss goes into the top ten kisses of both states of consciousness

over the last few years, dreams and awake-time experiences have become equally vivid when remembered

the thought that the dream-time conscious eventually becomes the dominant conscious re-asserts itself

the horses field

standing next to a wall about a metre-and-a-half high

the wall was made of stone with jagged-edged stones on top

there were spaces between each stone which made it difficult to climb over

beyond the wall was a short-cut grass field that extended to the horizon

within a couple of metres on the other side of the wall were two brown horses

to the left of the horses stood a man

he was subtly goading mgoading me in a subtle way into getting over the wall

he was probably the landowner

it was a bone of contention with him that people walking along the lane would cross his field and save walking the extra miles to get where they were going

he was hoping after climbing onto the wall i would lose balance, fall or land awkwardly and unsettle the horses

it was possible my sudden presence would startle the horses and they may feel as though they were under threat and kick out at what might be an attacker

looking at the muscularity of the back legs of the horses (the stand-out visual) told me a back-kick from either horse would seriously injure me

was veering to not going over the wall when the dream ended

faunt gracies'

at auntie graces'

a one-scene dream had the feel of entertainment about it

something i said or done, i thinki

popular patient

in hospital

lying down on the bed in my room

the door opens and a woman aged forty to fifty comes in and stands in the centre of the room

she doesn't speak or move

get up and go and stand in front of her

still, she doesn't say or do anything

after a few moments of scrutinising her face the penny drops

she wants me to "take her"

put my hand around her shoulder and kiss her

we remain in the kissing position

eventually, she leaves

am now lying down again

the door opens and another woman comes into the room

she comes in and, as with the previous woman she doesn't move or speak...

robert mitchum and me

unusually for epic dreams, this one had accompanying dreams with unrelated themes

the dream, like the scenes on the bike, speed along at breakneck pace

the first scene, robert is sitting and very relaxed, almost lazy

he is due to leave for america within a day or two

he has a lot of things to do before he leaves to go back to america

something i say causes him to ask me if i would help him to do those things he must do

couldn't believe he would ask me to help him

i jump at the invitation

the glamorous notion of being his chauffeur driving a limousine went out the window when we went to where a motor-bike and sidecar was parked

robert was doing the driving

there were at least three scenes of us having to deal with troublemakers

"mitch" was in his element in a "scrap"

my involvement in the fights was minimal

robert was a genuine tough guy

he "sorted them out" in double-quick time

on one occasion he didn't have enough cash to pay for something

it felt great to help him out

he settled his bill with his landlady and paid for the day after just in case he needed another day

again, my money came to the rescue

in another scene, we had to go through the centre of coventry

a small group had set up a tennis match

we had to drive too near to them for their comfort

one of the men playing tennis put himself in front of the motorbike

robert showed his skill at driving a motorbike and scared the person holding the racket by swerving close to him

robert was concerned he didn't have enough money

asked him to show me how much he had

there were two scenes when we both checked our money

we both had loose change and both of us had dozens of shiny three-pence coins which comprised the bulk of the coins (stand-out visual)

he had much more than was needed

assured him he had more than enough and suggested getting something to eat

robert didn't want to eat but he did want to go to the pictures

asked him if he has seen chernobyl, he said he hadn't

a new version of it was on release

the reviews of it were good

on the way to the pictures we got waylaid...another poor recording has meant the rest of the dream was lost


addenda: vividness 3 to 4 participant and observer - the category of the dream: epic and non-epic dreams mix (1) celebrities (4+) robert mitchum kissing dream () x-dream () animals () mammals () horses friends and relations (35+) aunt grace (3+)

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