dreams diary 2


the name of the dream: out of time

a new, deadly germ is discovered

a photograph showed a microscopic, featureless black dot in a petri dish

the next image, it is a life-size black dot

the next image is of a saucer-sized entity that looks like a black, puffy chapati

its nucleus is clearly visible

in the next scene, it is monstrously big

the size of a flying saucer

it has a metres-long tube the same colour as its body

the tube/extension is at least a metre wide

the mouth glistens and moves as it probes the surroundings

the extension bends and sways as it supports the mouth

it is obviously seeking food

the mouth of the monster attaches to a living thing

the area around where it's affixed to the body of the living thing starts to turn black

it is truly fearsome

alas for the monster, is out of step with evolution

it should have first seen the light of day when life first came out of the water

instead, contemporary man is extant

it is a lumbering giant

it is so slow a walking pace will put distance between it and a person

half a dozen ways of capturing it or killing it present themselves

in a different time, it would be the dominant life-form

vividness 3.2 - the observer - the category of the dream: primordial life (1)