dreams diary 2


the name of the dream: getting going

this dream tells us that in previous undulations we "get going" during the festive season

a flurry of five dreams in this r.e.m.

R.E.M. 1 - R.E.M. 2

had to do somethig else on the computer before entering dreams and still trying to remember them

each dream carries the same theme-content; the festive season

first dream

it is the festive season

organise two groups of girls and women

one group each side on the street within earshot

following a rousing arrangement of a carol, the two groups sang in unison (it wasn't in the dream but if it becomes a reality will have the groups singing at different pitches)

we don't ask for money

instead, we ask for christmas fayre

food, sweets, drinks, crackers, party hats, party blowers etc.

they will be distributed to retirement homes, hospitals etc.

second dream

for a gag, we stage a fake abduction

we wait until he fake news has got a bit of momentum

i am stripped to my underpants and socks and, my hands are bound

get out of a car in a busy area in twn and stand motionless

have a message on a bit of cardboard strapped around my neck

let people make a fuss of me before letting them in on the gag

third dream

three people, a woman and two men present themselves

they are dressed impeccably

one finds a lump the size of half a pea on my upper-back

he exclaims, "it's nothing"

the other man then shines a light in my eyes and then in my mouth

he says, "you have...?"

i know what he's referring to

it's a cough that sounds serious

it was brought on by a poor grade of tobacco

i tell him it will go in a day or two

he's not interested in excuses

he says something like, "it will only compound. you have to stop smoking"

i say, "alright. reduce the number of cars by half and i'll stop smoking"

vividness 3 to 3.3 - participant and observer - the category of the dreams: christmas (4+) getting going (2+)



R.E.M. 1

R.E.M. 2

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