dreams diary 3


the name of the dream: a solid beat

it is dark and quiet

too dark and quiet

an emptiness that needs filling

decide to take a few-hundred-watt p.a. onto the green fifty-metres down the road from where i lived and get a "vibe" going

soon, the music dispels the void and one or two people enter the dream

the music is 80s rave (around 100 b.p.m.)

now movement accompanies the sound

the sound becomes a solid beat which reaches a peak when a vocal-free, deep-bass version of Tusk begins thumping out

now there's life but no light

i remember i have a 16 mm projector and go and get it from the house

soon there will be bright images to compliment the solid beat


vividness of sound 4.2 - participant - the category of the dream: music () 80 s 100 b.p.m. rave (1+)


notes 1