dreams diary 3


the name of the dream: generosity has its bounds

was on holiday on the continent

although i was rolling in it decided to live econimcally and stayed in a mixed gender dormitory of about twenty people

the girl in the next bed to me was having a holiday on a shoestring

there were electric metres on the floor by the side of each bed which took payments of four euro's at a time

reception had a console with the amount of credit of each person on a screen and were refunded whatever amount they had in credit when they left

on the morning i was leaving i told the girl she could cash in my electric credit at the desk

she knew there wouldn't be a lot of credit but just three or four euros would get her a sandwich and a coffee

she was more "cash strapped" than i realised and immediately came over and looket at my meter to see how much she would be getting

it took me by surprise when she said it was empty

i checked it and saw it was showing "zil"

she knew my offer was sincere and stood looking at me

now i was in a dilemma

i didn't have any loose change which meant i'd have to pull out my wad of money and peel off a five-euro note

she would see i was carrying thousands

word of my wealth would spread like widfire

i'd be looking over my shoulder for the rest of the holiday

was thinking how to give her five euro's when the dream ended


holidays (6+) money (17+)


notes 1