dreams diary 3


the name of the dream: the school play

a primary school teacher thought there was enough talent among the pupils to do one of shakespeare's plays

other teachers thought so too and a talent-spotting initiative was launched

it was agreed that romeo and juliet would be the play the youngsters would be most able to relate to

after a while, it emerged that except for one boy, the hurdle of remembering all the lines was just too big a task for the youngsters

it occurred to someone to let the boy play the part of romeo and have different girls who could remember a lot of lines play juliet for those parts of the play they could remember and with the use of costumes, wigs and make-up present an acceptable continuity of the same juliet

production was well underway and after several dress rehearsals the "buzz" grew to the point where it was realised that it was going to be successful


vividness 3 - observer - the category of the dream: primary school children (2+) school plays (1)b


time-tense: 6

notes 1