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it was the same opponent and the same hall as yesterday's dream (below this one)

this time, though, we had a choice of three different swords ranging from a light, easy to wield sword, another one slightly bigger or the same one that was used in the previous contest

i chose the same on as the first time

the contest wasn't re-enacted though

the content of the first dream was caused by thoughts during the day about how to deal with devolving man shaped beings who had an intractable bent for killing

this, the second dream, was the result of thinking about the first dream during the day

this is only the second episode dream the writer has had

the first, as a child of 9 was a wholly enjoyable dream

in both instances, the content of the dreams was brought on by thinking about them during the day


the first scene was in a small hall

a serious altercation led to a duel

what i thought was going to be a fight to the death with a large, brutish opponent changed into a an exhibition of killing skills

second scene

had a large heavy sword

the opponent and i were 8 metres apart

the winner would be the person who could get to a block of wood next to the other person and chop it in half

third scene

cut through the wood in three swings of the sword

and beat the opponent




first scene


in an accommodation of average size eating crumpets


two or three uncles were there and were looking at the food


i got the feeling that they wanted some and went into the kitchen and started toasting another four or five


second scene


it had become a full-blown gathering of the clan with twelve men and the room had got bigger


third scene


was back in the kitchen


opened the fridge door and found that another couple of dozen crumpets and a dozen scotch pancakes had materialised


fourth scene


back in the living room


everybody was eating and there was an air of celebration


a large oval silver platter with twenty or thirty slices of beef had come from somewhere


bread and other items were needed to make it a proper buffet-style meal


left the gathering and went to go to the shop for the needed items



fifth scene


was outside and the surroundings were unfamiliar to me, it was going to be necessary to catch a bus


sixth scene


was in a street that was curved and slightly inclined


there were buses and it was bustling with people


it occurred to me that it was going to take too long to get the needed items and get back to the family gathering in time


seventh scene


was walking along another street when a voice to my right sid "hello john"


it was someone i didn't recognise standing in the entrance of an open-front shop which sold assorted up-market knick knacks


eighth scene


he raised his hand to offer me something which looked to be a £20 note


i could see the zero but not the 2


he handed it to me and then the number i couldn't see initially came into view


it wasn't a 2 but a 3


a £30 note was a sure sign of prosperity


he could see i still didn't understand who he was or why he was giving me money


then he said "thanks for the photo


became clear


i said "have a good christmas"and then realised it was christmas and, as i started waking from the dream and realised i was dreaming, i heard myself say "or should i say merry christmas"





and as is becoming the writer's waking routine, with eyes closed, lay still in bed thinking about the dream


after half an hour the pieces started to fall into place...


in another dream a year or two ago, i was the official photographer of a wedding


in that dream, the man who gave me the £30 note asked me to take a photo of a young man (a real-life person who had been a regular caller to my home over a period of four to five years 15 to 20 years ago)


in the dream of a year or two before he was not the father of the young man but the lover of the young man's mother


the man who asked me to take the photo in the dream of one to two years go thought the young man epitomised what he thought decent, clean-cut, well-balanced young man should be and was proud to have become involved with a woman who could produce such a fine example of manhood and he regarded the young man as his own son


in the dream of two years ago, there has been a gap of eighteen months to two years between the wedding and the man receiving the photo


the time-gap was because i could never remember to give the photo to the young man to give to his stepfather


the man who wanted the photo had resigned himself to not getting the photo and had formed a poor opinion of me


he was completely surprised when he got the photo and it had restored his belief in people


he has wanted to show his gratitude to me for some years but, like me with the photo, the circumstances had never presented themselves... until today's dream!




the crumpets were the result of me thinking how much i had enjoyed honey and peanut butter on crumpets the day before, but that's the only one of the Pde's of this dream that the writer can put his finger on


this dream is in sharp contrast, or perhaps, the complete opposite, of yesterdays dream


the really complicated bit is how a dream from more than a year ago should find the conclusion in this dream


one factor that may explain it is that the writer began practising his dance steps with a determination the day before this dream for the first time in fifteen years and was please to find he had still "got it"


this dream has produced the outlook that dreams aren't just the influence of the Pde's but are to be evaluated over years or, incredibly, over a lifetime and, c'mon people i'm only twenty-five years ahead of you, even more incredibly, across lifetimes


more than just a little bit of satisfction was derived from this dream


that dreams can be this sophisticated bolsters the view that dreams are a portal to understanding our inner selves


quantum theory opened the door to understanding the physical world and it's applications are still only in their infant stage


dreams and dreams theory, it is boldly conjectured, is going to be as big a breakthrough in understanding what the soul is and just what the relationship between our soul and our corporeal selves is, as quantum theory is in explaining the workings of the inanimate world


the first thing the writer realised when dreams and dreams theory was begun was that it was going to be a "biggie"


it looks like it's going to become even bigger than was first envisaged