the name of the dream

tea and toast

08022019 10052018

the name of the dream

the weekly report

the weekly report is a detailed written or spoken account of a persons most important moment or hour of the week and it's something everybody does

it didn't matter what the substance of the report/record was, just as long as the person was in the habit of making it routinely

somebody asked me if i would do their weekly report

the person who asked me to do it for him hadn't forgotten to do it but intended to ask someone when there was no time left to do it and someone like myself who took the weekly report as being civic duty/responsibility would help out

there wasn't time to make up something, it meant i would have to submit an hour of my life as his

if the report was reviewed by someone and the person who read it thought it should be highlighted for general discussion then it would come to light that the review wasn't by the person named on the report it would be a permanent stain on my character

i was giving the person who asked me to do it ear-ache for not doing it himself when the dream came to an end

notes 1

this dream may well have a considerable constructive value

millions of people submitting the most significant hour the week

new thoughts and feelings

the report might only take ten seconds to read or listen to

or it could take an entire day

with the internet at our disposal, it is easy to imagine some reports containing insights or information which could reshape our outlook/values or way of living overnight